Friday, October 17, 2008


There is something so magical and much needed about girlfriend time.  Every girl understands what that means.  That time you spend with the girls you love most and who know all your secrets and still love you with all their hearts.  Best friends forever... and even more special  when they are your Mom and your Daughter.
     Tonight was one of those magical moments.  Our time spent together is often spontaneous.  We all live busy lives and even when we try to schedule moments, there is usually some life interruption.  But there are those moments when everything aligns and you know that you must embrace this time, to do something special...even extraordinary. You MUST watch Sex in the City the movie....and so we did!!!! 
    With plates heaped high with take out Chinese, we get comfortable and the movie begins.  We squeal over all the dresses, the shoes, the views of New York City at its best.  The movie continues and we remember all of the relationships and heart ache and we feel the joy and pain of it all again. The wedding dresses alone make the movie worth watching and then all of the unexpected twists and turns.  All of this enjoyed twice as much because I am watching this with my two best friends.
     We cringe at certain parts and there is something bittersweet about Meghan telling Oma to close her eyes. Not so long ago we could not have imagined watching this together.  But that was then...this is now, and I love the NOW as I loved the THEN.
    So thank you girls for the most wonderful night.  I love spending time with you . We need to do this more often, and we promise Oma that next time it will be a Jane Austen movie!!!!  I loved the dinner, I loved the movie, but most important I love you both so much.  XXX  

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Meghan Hein said...

I would have given anything to have just spent the night after that great movie. I missed you all day today. I was moping around the boys' house after my lousy haircut. I can't wait to see you at church tomorrow. I am thinking that I need to take a day off work soon so that we can pre Christmas shop on Cedros. Doesn't that sound great?