Saturday, May 16, 2015

How is it possible.....

The years have gone so quickly.....

We were young and hopeful and filled with excitement. 

40 years later we again share a cake....

Balloons add to the festive spirit....

We are grateful for our children....

The sweetness of a family that we joyfully raised.

We are blessed to share this day again with sweet Oma.

Those we love so deeply are gathered in the garden
 to lauch balloons with our wishes for the future tied to the strings. 

Toward the Heavens they go....we watch with joy and gratitude. 

So grateful for this wonderful and dear friend to share my life with.
My prayer is that we are blessed for many more years.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Off Once Again....

It is quilt camp time...
and I am SEW ready!!!!

I'll be hanging out with the boss....

....and some very favorite quilting peeps!!!

Time for fellowship, creativity without interruptions,
 and even an afternoon tea!!!

I cannot wait to tell you all about it.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Where have I been????

My husband LOVES Upgrades.....they cause me to SHUDDER!!!

Where have I been???
  Trying to figure out how to use this new upgrade and 
import photos for my blog ( GRRRRR)!!!!! 

There are so many things to share.....quilt projects.

Putting together kits for my quilt retreat to Julian next week. 

Always busy playing in my garden....

....which makes me yearn for being back in England once again. 

We have been on some lovely trips....

....where I became even more garden inspired!!!

Lovely views of a lovely world....all gave me peace and joy. 

...and always, always busy with family!!!  

All of which I promise to share. 
 Just keeping fingers crossed that I have this all figured out.

I have missed all of you!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Rains....

We have been having the most delightful Spring Rains....

Which make flowers sooooo happy!!!

The colors seem more saturated....

.... Spring gardens are flourishing. 

We took a mini road trip.....and garden displays were inspirational. 

Combined with Easter was all such fun. 

I always love visiting garden centers when we vacation...

Often the prettiest gardens ( even when they are full of weeds) are natural and God made. 

I came home ready to make my garden Springy too!!!

My new quilt and a wonderful quote from Audrey Hepburn were my inspiration. 

My bitty "English Garden" is also doing well.  

I have planted SOW many seeds from our visit to Europe last year. 
They seem to like it here. 

Even Mrs Peter Rabbit seems to be in a Spring mode too!!!
Happy Gardening....happy almost Spring. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Birthday Season.....

February is a very busy month.....full of birthday surprises.  
Always so much joy to gather as family to enjoy each celebration!!!

 Our sweet Donovan is now FOUR!!!

He is following in his Father's footsteps....literally!!! 
 He completed a one mile run at Legoland. 

Then two weeks later he ran in a 5K to support a fundraiser for a family friend.

 He is gathering medals....just like his Daddy!!

He is certainly a GOLD medal winner in our hearts!!!

 Can it possibly be....our dear Clare is a very grown up FIVE year old!!!

There was a very special birthday party to celebrate the Princess she has become. 

The Theme was "Farmer's Market".

The day was filled with delicious treats
 that were both healthy and fun!!!

 Mommy made this incredible cake from scratch.....
it went so quickly that both Jill and I did not have a piece!!!

From the joyful faces of all that attended, it was yummy indeed!!!

 Big HUGS for a clever and talented Mom 
who worked so hard to make the day special!!!

 There were still MORE birthdays to celebrate....
since Clare was born on Daddy's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday my dearest Jonathan. 

 Little Emme dressed in her best Farmer's Market Dress....

Donovan helped to supervise the present opening. 

 Oma Oma made the most delicious cookies....

....and little sister Laurel gave out hugs and kisses for all that attended!!!

It has been the most joyous month....but I want to give ONE more birthday greeting. 

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband, father and Grampie!!!!  

Now on to the March Birthdays!!!!