Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Birthday Season....

We are in birthday season!!!!  

Oma was first and no one loves birthdays like Oma!!!

There are wonderful meals to be enjoyed....
followed by the most amazing cake.  


I had a birthday too.

Thank goodness for helpers to open my gifts. 


We all know the best gifts are hugs....


...which were abundantly shared. 

Another great dinner....back to WW Points SOON!!!

There has been some sewing too.

Oma loves Strawberries, 
SEW I had such fun surprising her with this quilt. 

Emmerson will be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. 

I could not wait to make this Minnie inspired dress.

Sew much fun I made a second dress that Emmerson wore proudly.

I  have been wanting to make a Tilda doll for a long time.

I found the book, and viewed a great tutorial on You Tube.

Another fun way to play with fabric!!!

It has been the happiest of birthday seasons.

I have been spoiled and loved by family, my dear students and my sweet friends.

I just wish birthday cakes were calorie free!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

As Summer come to an end.....

It is looking more and more like Summer is sadly coming to an end. 

Fall sports have begun....

....and back to school parties have been enjoyed. 

The little ones practiced napping with their new blankets.
Emme was very happy with her new heart blanket that "Oma Oma" made. 

Clare and Laurel were equally excited about their "back to school" bags.

Laurel looks excited ( ??? ) to be my Mini-Me  !!!!

Hmmmm.....maybe a bit more excited to nap under her new preschool blankie. 

Clare was happy to snuggle with Grampie, 
who enjoyed teasing her about losing yet another tooth!!!

Other signs that summer is coming to an end.....
Barn Sales. 

I LOVE Myrtle Creek. 
 Always inspiring and always fun. 

Wonderful gardens and a delicious cafe....

....and today they had a barn sale FULL of fun things to shop for. 

Here are my treasures....along with lots and lots of plants!!!

I bribed Jim into going with me by promising him breakfast here!!!

I couldn't wait to get my treasures home to the garden. 

The rusty wine rack became a pot holder!!!

I love to "repurpose" in my garden. 

This was the first present I got from Jill. 

It was meant to hold it holds flowers!!!

My garden has not gotten the word that summer is soon to be a memory. 

I have to agree with my garden.

 I am still enjoying my time sitting in the sunshine,
 reading old issues of Victoria magazine,
 and keeping summer in my heart as long as I can!!!  

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sweet, Sweet Summer....

While I was waiting for the remodel to be finished....
I bought this print. 

We hung it over the couch where I sit each day with my morning coffee,
and in the afternoon  with my needlework.

I bought it so that I would remember when Summer was just a sweet memory....

I would be reminded of all of this. 

It has been the happiest summer ever. 
 I will never forget the JOY!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And then.....

....our home was finally finished!!!!  

The furniture was put back in place....and pictures were hung on the wall. 

Jim's photography made the prized place over the fireplace. 

My many photos of the sweet ones created a gallery wall that I LOVE!!!

Favorite collections were placed where I could enjoy them....

Each room brings a smile to my heart. 

We had a joyous family reunion at Oma's lovely home....

The little ones had their own reunion to scrub off the dirt from playtime!!!

We have enjoyed our Dutch family so much.

Breakfast in the garden....

...where my new dishes look like the flowers that are blooming in abundance. 

We couldn't be having a better time.

Lots of catching up to do,  but also time to rest from our touring. 

We visited the Mission....

....and the beach. 

It feels like Summer at its best!!!

Best news.....I am even finding some time to sew!!!

Still a bit more tweaking to do to get the home totally finished, 
but the hard work has been more than worth it!!!