Friday, August 21, 2015

Sweet, Sweet Summer....

While I was waiting for the remodel to be finished....
I bought this print. 

We hung it over the couch where I sit each day with my morning coffee,
and in the afternoon  with my needlework.

I bought it so that I would remember when Summer was just a sweet memory....

I would be reminded of all of this. 

It has been the happiest summer ever. 
 I will never forget the JOY!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And then.....

....our home was finally finished!!!!  

The furniture was put back in place....and pictures were hung on the wall. 

Jim's photography made the prized place over the fireplace. 

My many photos of the sweet ones created a gallery wall that I LOVE!!!

Favorite collections were placed where I could enjoy them....

Each room brings a smile to my heart. 

We had a joyous family reunion at Oma's lovely home....

The little ones had their own reunion to scrub off the dirt from playtime!!!

We have enjoyed our Dutch family so much.

Breakfast in the garden....

...where my new dishes look like the flowers that are blooming in abundance. 

We couldn't be having a better time.

Lots of catching up to do,  but also time to rest from our touring. 

We visited the Mission....

....and the beach. 

It feels like Summer at its best!!!

Best news.....I am even finding some time to sew!!!

Still a bit more tweaking to do to get the home totally finished, 
but the hard work has been more than worth it!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Day of Rest.....

Today was a day to NOT think about packing or contractors. 

I gathered with some of my most favorite people instead. 

There were castles to be built...

Sand Crabs to be found....

Then carefully studied and released back to the sea. 

Little Miss is quite the beach girl. 

Sandy hands are not a problem....

Laughter and giggles were the best part of the day. 

The day went by much to days always go by so fast. 

I am now back to sorting and packing. 
Next week the carpet is installed, and the painters and wood workers
 will be back to finish things up.

I look forward to our transformed home...
I really look forward to going back to the beach!!!! 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Not Exactly Like HGTV.....

When watching Home Improvement shows on tv it goes quickly, 
 and everything seems to fall into place. 

Not so much in REAL LIFE!!!!
All of our rooms still look pretty much like this. 

Some things are going well.  
The gray on the walls is both restful and serene.  

We have selected our baseboards and carpeting will be laid in another week. 

Some rooms are pulling together. 
This is our downstairs powder room.  

The inspiration is Jim's wonderful photo of Carlsbad Beach at Sunset. 

Surrounding the photo will be four smaller frames,
 each displaying a seashell that the Grandchildren will find for me. 

The color of the paint is called Tidewater.  It is perfect. 

We still manage to balance house projects and enjoying life.

We took the girls shopping yesterday
....with a very fun stop at the Disney Store for some much needed
 "Happily Ever After" magic!!!

There were carousel rides....

which made all of us smile. 

I am spending some time creating projects for the time
 we DO have a home to decorate.

This will be placed on top of the hutch....

... our former chandelier is now being spray painted.

I will put it all back together with candles,  and hang it from our garden trellis. 

I bought LOTS of frames
 and have been going thru all of my photos of loved ones.

I want to be surrounded by those who hold my heart. 

I keep focussed on those small areas in our home that do look settled.

Still feeling SEW BLESSED in this remodel....just a bit impatient to have it finished!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

So Where Have I Been.....

My life has pretty much consisted of this....making choices. 

Sleepless nights of hoping I have selected the right colors 
and packing, packing and more packing. 

It began smoothly, finding an electrician to put up new lighting.

After pricing wood flooring, we decided to have our tile floors redone.
It was a GREAT choice. 
 Affordable and our tile floors look like new. 

We love our new lights....reminds me of the Churches we visited in Holland. 

Then the chaos began. 

 Painters stormed our house,
 everything that could be removed had to find a place somewhere else!

Our bedroom looks like this....

....and every other room not being worked on looks like this!!!!

I find solace in sitting outdoors where life seems much more calm. 

Life hasn't all been about redoing our home. 

Our sweet Laurel became THREE!!!

Emme followed by becoming TWO!!!

One of her gifts was her Mommy's Bitty Baby which I cleaned and wrapped up
 along with all of Bitty Babies vast array of clothes and accessories. 

It did not take long for her Mommy instincts to kick in!!!

There was a wonderful ballet recital....

How adorable is my bitty Ballerina???

We had a fun day at the water park....

....followed by a lovely picnic with Grampie. 

Yes, I even find some time to SEW!!!  

While the painters have taken over the house, 
I hid in my sewing room and completed SIX skirts!!!

It has all been very overwhelming, but I am grateful.
Not only for the gift of renewing our home ( carpet is next), 
but hopefully that YOU have forgiven me for my absence.