Sunday, October 16, 2016

The JOY of Fall.....

There is something so wonderful about Fall!!!

The cooler weather,  and decorating to please children and the child within each of us. 

Welcoming friends and family to our home.

Life seems a bit slower and there is time for reflection. 

Favorite books are enjoyed once again...

....and the table is set for comforting meals shared with those we love. 

There is much to be thankful for.

I am thankful for little ones who love to decorate for Fall too!!!

 I am thankful for young families that create their own traditions....
including a meal of the most delicious soup.

Dinner was made even more special by our lovely dessert.

Cookies made by little hands are always going to be the tastiest.

Daddy provided the warmth....

....while Charlie Brown provided the outdoor presentation. truly is the season to be thankful.

Grateful for the gift of family and for joyous times shared. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Best Birthday Gift is always.....

My sweet husband knows what I want for my birthday
...and I didn't even have to leave a clue. 

A darling cottage by the sea.

It must have quilts on the bed....

....and provide  sunsets  that looked like this. 

The cottage must be filled with those I cherish....

....and please include a bunch of rambunctious kiddos!!!

The memories are my most wonderful gift....
of Uncles who played with little ones in the sand. 

Memories of meals mixed with sand....

endless hugs...

....and sweet kisses. 

There will be time for walks....

.....and running in the sea.

There will be time to pretend we are mermaids.....

.....and endless moments to spend with family.

The joy and laughter filled our weekend. 

Little ones learned how much fun it was to have breakfast in bed. 

....and when it was over, I left my heart in the sand. 
The memories I will keep close for my lifetime. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Season....

Birthday Season is a very busy and joyous time for all of us. 
There are parties to be enjoyed....

....and treats to add to the celebration. 
Emme pointed to her favorite. 

Then she thought it was best to take a bitty taste
 to make sure she had selected the best one!!!

 There were gifts to unwrap....

....and those wonderful gifts made by hand and given from the heart. 

We love birthdays....and in our family they go on and on!!!

We decided that Oma's birthday deserved a very special feast. 

Oma was spoiled with TWO lobster tails....
and you can see from the smile she enjoyed them both. 

That was not the finish of the celebratory feast. 
Our server brought out an ice cream treat for all to enjoy!!!

The evening ended with a gorgeous sunset on the beach. 
 How wonderful birthday season is....and it was not over yet. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Time for Creative Pursuits.....

I am not nearly as creative in the summertime.
So many distractions means SEW little time for quilting. 

I did make some fun embroidery projects...
and then bravely added some crochet edges.

 Such a success that I made more....
and hopefully more to come. 

With a renewed interest in embroidery, I remembered a quilt I purchased long ago.

It needed to be redone, so I took it all apart, 
and then put it back together again with new and fresh fabrics. 

 Quilting flower designs added to this delightful floral quilt 
that someone loved long ago. 

I created some quilts based on strawberry fabrics I have collected. 

A lovely pop of color to add cheer to our summer decor. 

I have a few quilts that only need to have the handbindings finished. 

I save handwork for the down time on my All Day Classes. 

This quilt is now quilted and will be happily completed by holiday time!!!

My cross stitch became a mini quilt and I love it very much!!!

This is the piece I hope I can share as completed someday.
A monumental cross stitch design I began years ago.

Hoping the months ahead allow cozy moments to stitch.
I can't think of a lovelier way to spend the Fall and Winter season.