Thursday, December 18, 2014

Getting Closer to Merry Merry.....

Welcome to our home.....getting so excited for the days to come.

As you walk by the picket fence....

.....into the garden are welcome to our front porch.  

As you come inside, you wander by the entry and.....

...please make yourself comfortable in our living room.

Of course you are welcome to come rest in our family room too. 

Please enjoy a peek at our mantle....with a collection of Santa's from over the years. 

I am off to the kitchen to make you some tea and cookies.

Did you spy my new "mixmaster" on the kitchen tree.  
A great help in the kitchen!!!!

While you wait, you can look at our bookcase....
full of photos of the ones I hold dear. 

We try so hard to keep the MERRY in Merry Christmas !!!!

The dining room is ready for special dinners. 

Our Snowmen family will watch you enjoy each bite!!!

We can enjoy our Dutch Chocolate Letter for dessert....a very Dutch Tradition. 

Speaking of Dutch....St. Nicholas guides you to the top of the stairs. 

At Christmas time we hold close so many traditions....

....but always remembering the sweetest gift ever shared. 

As we get closer to Christmas Day, I want to wish you all a joyous holiday season.

I hope it is blessed with love and family....the greatest gift of all. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

SEW Busy....

I have been trying to keep up with ALL things.

The decorating, the shopping, my blog, 
but I am always pulled toward my sewing room!!!

This may be my favorite all time collection of fabric for the Holidays.

Sew Sweet!!!!

I also finished this tabletopper....

....a Christmas skirt for my sweet Clare. 

A matching jumper for her sister and bitty cousin too!!!
  I love little girls in plaid for the holidays. 

I made this tablerunner for my darling niece....

....and I have been OBSESSED with all things INSTAGRAM!!!

This was a fun SAL with Lori Holt.
Talk about time consuming....we need to move these cute projects to July!!!

Now I just need to finish quilting it....another Christmas quilt for the collection.

Don't you just LOVE the backing fabric?

Back to Instagram....and all of the projects I see that I want to do!!!

How cute is this????

This is on my MUST list for NEXT YEAR!!!

HO HO right!!!  

Time to pack up the inspriation and get on with my house cleaning!!!
Santa will be here before I know it. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Quilt Show at Camp Cedar Glen....

We were a total of 70 very enthusiastic quilters at Camp Cedar Glen. 
We came from all over the country.
....old friends and new friends.

Would you like to see what can be accomplished
 when you spend your days at camp????

Amazing isn't it??? 
 I was humbled to have been part of this lovely gathering.

We even made some cute bags to bring out quilts home in!!!

Happy news was that I got to play too!!!!

What a great time we all had. 
 I can hardly wait til next camp!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tea with El...

All campers at Camp Cedar Glen are invited to El's Bear's Paw Ranch. 

This young couple joined in the fun too.

They had won their Camp Vacation by winning an AcuQuilt contest
 and were SEW excited to join Eleanor and Brian!!!

Eleanor invites everyone to sit and rest a spell
....campers have been hard at work quilting.

There are wonderful snacks to enjoy....

....and a chance to taste El's famous homemade jams!!!!

The house was decorated in Fall splendor.

The quilts are impressive....

This 1800's quilt was a favorite. 

The Logcabin is warm and inviting. 

This is the guest room that I got to enjoy....
complete with magazines to read, and knitting to catch up on. 

The other guest room is equally cozy.
 I felt so blessed to be there. 

The ladies enjoyed their snacks...and wine too!!!

They soaked up the sunshine
....some came from far away where home was already in snow!!!

All of the campers enjoyed their visit....
I know I did!!!! 

A visit to El's sewing studio is a must.
Everyone is interested in all of El's newest projects. 

What a lovely way to begin our holiday season....grateful for SEW much!!!!

Next I share some of the quilts the campers made.
Be prepared to be amazed!!!!