Sunday, September 14, 2014

To Keep My Memories Growing....

  I have always loved flowers.

Our visit to Europe provided many opportunities to fall in love.

From the flower vendors in Dublin.... the simple window gardens of the Cotswolds.  

The impressive gardens of the Tulleries.... the simplicity of Peter Rabbits own garden!!!!

I was inspired!!!

With each country we visited I sought  out flower seeds.  

Small enough to fit in my suitcase, 
and not to heavy to cause an overcharge for luggage at the airport!!!!

I came home with these....
each seed an opportunity to bring home a bit of Europe home with me. 

I have patiently been growing them in my bitty seed house.  

Now I have Pink Morning Glories from England....

Sweet memories of Holland....

....and until my flower seeds from Paris sprout, 
I brought home these postcards that are happily in my sewing room. 

A memory of the most delightful bookshop in the Tulleries Gardens in Paris. 

My garden may not be Royal....
but the memories are more priceless than many other riches.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

To Never Forget.....

There are still so many stories to tell you about our time in Europe.  
This one touched my heart like no other. 

We stayed at the most delightful Bed and Breakfast. 

in Kinsale, Ireland was not only cozy,
 but the home of Tom and Chrissie.

In the morning we were invited to breakfast. 
 What I saw caught me off guard.....

On the side of this hutch was a memorial to those lost on 9/11.

I was deeply touched.

 Even more so when Tom ( who is a retired policeman) 
shared with me that all those patches were brought 
by families that stayed with them when they 
visited the "Garden of Remembrance". 

Far from New York is a peaceful garden.  
A view that was both inspiring and serene. 
There the village of Kinsale planted a tree for each responder that lost their life.

They also built this monument in remembrance. 

A place for families to grieve and to leave mementos...
and to know that even though they are far from home, the world remembers. 

I expected to see wonderful things in Ireland. 
It is a magical place.

It was more wonderful than I could have imagined.

I did not expect to see this....and yet it will be the memory that stays in my heart forever. 

Each small flower was a remembrance....of a time that should never be forgotten.

Thank you Kinsale.
 Thank you Chrissie and Tom.  

I was just checking out the link to the B&B
and I am in AWE that they
have included a video that my husband Jim
made of the memorial.

Be sure to see it...and say a prayer for all those
that perished, and for all those that were left to face such loss.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Flower Girls....

Our sweet litle girls are going to be Flower Girls.
...and they were in need of a special dress.

With one little Miss very tall, and one little Miss very petite,
 Mommy was not having much success finding dresses.

Four dresses were delivered and four were returned. 
SEW Oma volunteered to get on it.....and off to the fabric store I went.  

I used this pattern.

 The only time I questioned whether I should be doing this
 was when the lady cutting the material told me
 she would NEVER attempt working with this fabric. 

I took a deep breath and decided to hope for the best.  

It went together very easily....
and thanks to my ruffler, it was much easier than I thought it would be.

Because the dress has such simple lines,
I thought it needed a bit of something...
a fabric rose and sash.

I added another fabric rose to a headband....
SEW simple and I hope so stylish!!!!

My little ones came for a fitting....and I think they are going to work out perfectly !!!

Clare was happy they did not itch. 
 I guess that is what little Flower Girls hope for (G)!!! 

The pearls were Clare's idea....such a girlie girl!!!

It was time for a relaxing lunch in the garden.....

Always the best time when we can all join together.  

Two cute little girls and their very happy Momma.

It was a SEW perfect kind of day.  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Favorite Kind of Mail Week....

There is nothing as much fun as getting QUILT GOODIES in the mail!!!!

A very excited me won this in a blog contest. 
Thanks SEW much Happy Little Cottage!!!!

Then this came in the mail....have you heard the GREAT NEWS????

An affordable  price, free shipping and SEW much inspiration. 
Happy mail to come every other month. 

I sure enjoy online shopping.

One of my favorite places to shop is Marie Madeline Studios.  
I crush on the ribbon wrapped goodness. 

They carry my VERY FAVORITE Pam Kitty Morning.
On sale too.
 Nothing better than a sale on your favorite stash!!!!

My other favorite online quilt shop is Green Fairy Quilts

Great deals and FREE shipping cannot find a better deal!!!

If you like to online shop please share your favorites too.
A girl can never have too much stash!!!! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

26 miles across the sea.....

What a wonderful end of summer destination....

Goodbye Newport Beach.....

Hello Catalina!!!!

The perfect place to work on our summer tan....

Get fitted with an innertube....

Bob up and down in the waves....

We always remember to stay hydrated....

...and Oma cuddles after swim time were in abundance!!!

Nothing better than family time....

followed by ice cream....

...and more ice cream!!!

The perfect mini vacation.....

Lets do it again very soon!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Never Would Have Believed It.....

This sign is by our front always referred to ME!!!!  

I did the planting, the watering, the fertilizing and the pruning.  
But a very magical thing happened!!!!

My husband went with me to a "Country Nursery" and he bought this plant.
I was not impressed....not that pretty, and it is called a WEED. 

But I was wrong.   It was PERFECT!!!!
Look closely and you can see why.

It is the habitat of this caterpillar.

 It magically turned my husband from having NO interest in the garden, 
to his spending endless hours watching for this. 

The hatching of a Monarch Butterfly!!!!

Our mornings are consumed by finding new chrysalis
 and waiting for the magical moment they are born.

Who knew that one simple plant could turn my husband from a NON gardener......

to this!!!!