Friday, June 16, 2017

Back once again.....

While this was a "goofy photo" taken by my sweet Emme, the face does say it all!!!!

Things have not gone easily or well for our family. 

My lack of blogposts is partially due to computer malfunctions, 
but  life has sadly thrown some curveballs too. 

We try to focus on the positive....and our sweet Taylor is high on that list. 

In all things family sustains....

....and Grandchildren continue to be the light in our lives. 

Jim got an emergency phone call that his sister was ill and going in for brain surgery.

  He quickly flew to be there as a support, 
and spent endless days trying to contact his cousin Trish 
who has always been so close to both Barb and Jim.

After days of no response, he contacted her church. 
 They kindly went to the house to see what was going on.  
Tragically they found Trish had passed away
and Jim was now dealing with two tragic events in one week. 

Since Jim was the closest relative, 
and Barb was still recovering ( a long long process that is still ongoing),
 much needed to be done. 

Thankfully Jonathan, Jill and our sweet girls met us in Tennessee. 
 They were a great support and the girls were a joyous distraction. 

The weeks have been overwhelming and filled with continual sadness. 
While Trish blessed Jim with her home, we are conflicted as to what to do.  

        After weeks in Tennessee, we came home again and have tried to reestablish normalcy. 
We have celebrated joyous family occasions....

We are immersed in Baseball games.....go Dono!!!! 

We are in a season of birthdays and.....

....when sadness seems to overtake joy, we only need hug this dear baby. 

I truy don't know how we could bear this confusion and sorrow without our sweet little ones. 

We focus on the blessings, and continue to pray for resolve and strength.
I hope to blog more often....I have missed documenting lifes moments. 

We live with hope that there will be more moments of laughter and less of tears.

It has been a difficult 2017.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

And Then......

The New Year began as it should. 
 I easily got all of the decorations put away. 
 I excitedly began making quilts for Valentines.

This would be a great month!!! 

We took Big Brother and Big Sister  "to be " on some excursions 
so Mom could get some much needed rest before 
the BIG DAY!!!!

All seemed well....and the excitement was building.

Every year the Hein family runs a one mile race at Legoland.

Even the VERY pregnant Mommy joined the a walker this year!!!

Oma and Grampie were there to cheer them on!!!

We stopped for a bite of breakfast even though I felt very little appetite. 
The lack of appetite continued into dinnertime. 

I thought it was a blessing and maybe a good way 
to eliminate some of the lbs I needed to loose. 

During the night I woke to the craziest whole body itching.  It was HORRIBLE. 
 That morning I woke with a headache, some nausea and off to Kaiser we went. 

I wasn't worried....I am NEVER sick. 

What I found out was that my liver was infected.  The itching came from 
the toxins that were not working thru my liver.  

Endless appts.  Endless bloodwork. 

First thought was that it was heapatitis.  That would be HORRIBLE and meant that I would NOT be able to go with Meghan when she delivered our newest Grandchild.

Then I found out it was NOT hepatitis....and the things it could be were MUCH worse. 

Endless fear, lots of tears, more appointements, more blood....and thankfully SO much prayer to get us thru this terrible time. 

I knew there would be a very slim chance that all would be well in time for the delivery.

While I was not there, it all went well. 

Meghan had a natural delivery with an amazing group of midwives and nurses.
 Dustin was there to support her 
and the most incredible office worker took the photos that I would not be there to take.

My first glimpse of our newest Granddaughter 
Taylor Joy
came the next day when the children brought her home.

I was able to peek....but no holding until the infection is shown to be gone.

There were plenty of people to cuddle Taylor for me....

....and they were more than happy to lend a hand. 

This family has gone from a family of four
to a family of five effortlessly!!! 

Oma Oma provided more snuggles....and life continued happily. 

Our sweet Donovan had his sixth birthday....

Everyone seemed to enjoy the great party. 

Little Miss even opened her eyes to take a peek!!!

Cupcakes were enjoyed....

Presents were opened....

....and it only seemed like yesterday our BIG BOY 

...was as tiny as his bitty bitty sister. 

My health is improving and we are all prayerful
that next weeks bloodwork will show the infection has gone.

That means endless snuggles.....
and great hope that Febuary is filled with only good things. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

It was a Merry Little Christmas.....

Our homes are a holiday reflection of our joy....

Little touches that touch our hearts...

Special quilts we bring out once a year....

The garden gets special touches too....and special visitors!!!

Jonathan and Jill's home was lovely and inviting.
Jonathan made the Creche years ago....we have one too. 

The inside was warm and cozy....

The Christmas tree was full of love and memories....

Family stockings were hung in aticipation of Santa's visit. 

Oma's home is a reflection of her hospitality. 

Meghan and Dustin's home is both Holly Jolly....

....and full of reminders of the reason for the season. 

All of these lovely touches in their homes will make lifetime memories for little ones. 

Of special meals....

....and times to share our love of family.

We are blessed.

It looks like the Calico Critters are gathered as family 
to meet someone very special. 

This may be my favorite decoration of the season.  
We are beyond excited to meet our newest little one.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas days of Celebration....

There were so many fun celebrations this holiday season.
These are the dear ladies of my Bible Study. 

My friend Linda and I decorated the tables for our special luncheon. 

Christmas pageants were so much fun.
Our little Laurel was the cutest and most enthusiastic lamb to bless the manger. 

Clare looked like a Princess for her pageant. 
 Looking so grown up ( sigh). 

There were wonderful Christmas lights to enjoy....

....even some magical snow.

We had a fun meeting of the "Dutch Shoe Knitting Club".....

....and I even found time to make some gifts for my dear friends. 

Legoland was very festive....

Such fun to sit on the lap of a Lego Santa!!!

It was a season of decorations...

...and lots of hugs. 

Next up.....decorating the house and garden.