Friday, May 4, 2018


I am always blessed by my students. 

 They inspire me, they lift me up....
and often they gift me with things I very much treasure.  

One of my students presented me with a baggie
 full of vintage dresden plate wedges. 

I love the precious designs....
especially the garden pots and the Dutch windmills. 

I was happy to piece them together....

...and soon I had a sewing room full of what looked like kite tails. 

I had a fat quarter of fabric I had been saving for the perfect quilt. 

It too had that vintage look that I adore. 

I had enough to make five blocks. 

I appliqued them to a 20 inch background.  

Lots and lots of room for some inspired quilting.  

I bravely quilted some Feathered Wreaths.....

....and soon the quilt took on the appearance of something vintage and antique.

I love that I can take something that someone started long ago....
and I can complete it and enjoy it. 

What a gift I have in my students...and what a gift they bestow on me. 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

In my dreams....

In garden is teeny. 

In my dreams it looks like the cottage gardens
 in England that hold my heart. 

I have an abundance of plants ....
just like I remember the cottage gardens in the Cotswolds. 

If there is a bit of soil....I can squeeze in a plant, a flower or a bulb. 

The reward is a profusion of blooms... abundance of color. 

Flowers are crowded together....and everyone finds room to grow and bloom.

When I walk the garden I am always enchanted to see the surprises. 

This morning it was to see a "Hardy Geranium" fighting for its bit of sun. 
 See the tiny soft pink blooms??? 

Simple geraniums are as magical.... tulip bulbs that arrived from Holland. 

There are memories in my garden, and I treasure them with all my heart. 

The bird house was made by my Uncle Arie. 

 He has been sadly gone for so long....
but my garden ( and I ) will never forget him. 

Gardens big and small, are such a lovely thing.  

We are soon to visit Tennessee, and looking forward to the Spring blooms
 that are sure to inspire my garden once we are home again.  

Monday, April 23, 2018

Busy Hands....

I seem to quilt without a schedule. 

There are times I quilt endlessly....
and times I can go without time in my sewing room.

Lately I have had a creative burst of energy and it has been SEW much fun.  

I enjoy all parts of quilting.

  Finding a great pattern, add some delicious fabric,
 throw in some James Taylor on Pandora and I am in quilting heaven. 

What really gets my creative spirit soaring is doing the quilting. 

I am grateful that I began quilting before there
 were Longarmers that did the job for you.

Sending a quilt out to be quilted is a wonderful luxury. 
Having to learn to complete the work myself brings me joy. 

I have an abundance of quilting stencils ( hard to find them now in shops).  

My students are curious about my obsession with doing my own work. 

I explain that I am easily pleased 
( lots of mistakes, but that makes me human), 

...and I can afford my own fees ( ha ha).  

There is just a peacefulness that comes over me as I design the motif,
and then enjoy the time to create the texture.

Hearts and flowers seem to make their way into each quilt. 

Speaking of HEARTS and FLOWERS....
I am participaing in a year long BOM,
 but altering their designs to suit my own likes. 

Five hearts for five adorable Grandchildren,
and my Easter basket is filled with flowers instead of eggs.

Always a joy to quilt....
and even more so when you are blessed to win an IG giveaway. 

Thanks to Donna at Lavenders Nest, 
I will have an adorable project to decorate our home 
for next Easter. 


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Gift from the heart, and created by hand....

It continues to amaze me that at 95 my Mom's hands are never not busy.

Her days are spent knitting....
and many of us are the lucky recipients of her incredible talent. 

She loves our Monday night gatherings where she knits beautifully, 
and the rest of us try to do our best.

  We do not ( even after all these years) come close to being proficient. 

Recently Emme and Donovan asked me to make them scarves.  

I must admit, that I didn't think they would remember their request. 
 I also thought the weather was turning to warm to make them useful. 

My Mom to the rescue !!! 

In days she had finished this scarf for Donovan....

...and this adorable hat and scarflette for Emme. 

Two happy and delighted children who will now know
 to NOT ask their Oma for scarves.

Best to ask Oma Oma who is capable 
of making wishes come true with yarn!!! 

Two silly, warm and joyous little children. 

What a gift my Mom has to create smiles and cozy memories. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sleepovers and Legoland.....

Spring Break for the children meant there was time for some added fun.  
A sleepover at Oma and Grampie's house filled the bill!!!

Grampie enjoys making the breakfast....

....and I was in charge of getting everyone dressed 
and into the car for a visit to Legoland! 

Aunt Meghan came to keep extra eyes
 on an assortment of very excited children. 

There were boats to maneuver....

....which Laurel did quite well!!!

My boat was steered by our sweet Emmerson....
who took the job very seriously.  

Some rides are only for the little ones....

I was very glad of this!!!

Fairy Tale land is much more to my liking. 

I did have to protect my little girls from a ferocious Lion ! 

....and then finally on the ride home there was some sleeping at the sleepover. 

What a fun day. 
 What precious memories we have created.  

Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter Delights....

 I love Easter. 

I love Spring weather and all things Bunny. 
I especially love these "Honey Bunnies" with all my heart. 

The kiddos made sure that the Easter Bunny got the message. 

Grampie was a great Easter Bunny helper. 

Baskets of goodies were ready for the little ones....

...with the sweetest basket of all for our darling Taylor. 

These two are the best of friends.... are these two. 

Mommy was great at keeping this sweet one happy. 

Cousins loved the tire swing....

....and all the goodies too. 

Lots of favorite things to eat and enjoy. 

Great excitement when the Easter Egg hunt began....

Checking out the treats....

....and the toys. 

Even our darling baby had fun with her Easter eggs. 

She could not have looked any cuter
....wearing a dress her Mommy had worn when she was a baby for Easter!!!

Dinner was yummy.

The adults enjoyed dinner under the umbrella....

....and little ones enjoyed dinner in the bounce house !!! 

Taylor is just content to eat dinner!!!

Lots of snuggles for Oma Oma....

More Easter fun for Taylor....

....and the evening ended with warm hugs for Oma who thought it got a bit chilly!!! 

The best Easter ever.  So grateful for family and the joy they provide.