Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Rains....

We have been having the most delightful Spring Rains....

Which make flowers sooooo happy!!!

The colors seem more saturated....

.... Spring gardens are flourishing. 

We took a mini road trip.....and garden displays were inspirational. 

Combined with Easter was all such fun. 

I always love visiting garden centers when we vacation...

Often the prettiest gardens ( even when they are full of weeds) are natural and God made. 

I came home ready to make my garden Springy too!!!

My new quilt and a wonderful quote from Audrey Hepburn were my inspiration. 

My bitty "English Garden" is also doing well.  

I have planted SOW many seeds from our visit to Europe last year. 
They seem to like it here. 

Even Mrs Peter Rabbit seems to be in a Spring mode too!!!
Happy Gardening....happy almost Spring. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Birthday Season.....

February is a very busy month.....full of birthday surprises.  
Always so much joy to gather as family to enjoy each celebration!!!

 Our sweet Donovan is now FOUR!!!

He is following in his Father's footsteps....literally!!! 
 He completed a one mile run at Legoland. 

Then two weeks later he ran in a 5K to support a fundraiser for a family friend.

 He is gathering medals....just like his Daddy!!

He is certainly a GOLD medal winner in our hearts!!!

 Can it possibly be....our dear Clare is a very grown up FIVE year old!!!

There was a very special birthday party to celebrate the Princess she has become. 

The Theme was "Farmer's Market".

The day was filled with delicious treats
 that were both healthy and fun!!!

 Mommy made this incredible cake from scratch.....
it went so quickly that both Jill and I did not have a piece!!!

From the joyful faces of all that attended, it was yummy indeed!!!

 Big HUGS for a clever and talented Mom 
who worked so hard to make the day special!!!

 There were still MORE birthdays to celebrate....
since Clare was born on Daddy's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday my dearest Jonathan. 

 Little Emme dressed in her best Farmer's Market Dress....

Donovan helped to supervise the present opening. 

 Oma Oma made the most delicious cookies....

....and little sister Laurel gave out hugs and kisses for all that attended!!!

It has been the most joyous month....but I want to give ONE more birthday greeting. 

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband, father and Grampie!!!!  

Now on to the March Birthdays!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feeling the Love.....

Tis the season of LOVE....and my heart has been very full.  

I have been sewing for my sweet girls.

This is for our dear Clare.
 You can find the pattern here

Little sister Laurel will enjoy this twirls!!!
The pattern was a BIT time consuming, but worth it. 

Little Miss Emmerson is sure to enjoy her dress....
and I sew enjoyed this easy pattern

The matching diaper cover was a touch I could not resist!!!

Speaking of not being able to resist.

Isn't this the CUTEST tutorial
 SEW easy too!!!!

I have not been very good about resisting fabrics lately.
I always start the New Year convinced I will ONLY use stash.

By February I am back to being obsessed with all this cuteness!!!
Say the word Tanya Whelan and I succumb. 

I was hoping to not get caught up in all of the new Moda lines...
then I saw this. 

More than anything, I have been waiting for this line.  

I jumped quickly. 
It is not even supposed to be out yet, and many vendors are already out of stock. 

Not all of my splurges have been fabric driven.

This Beatrix Potter collectable was my first Ebay purchase.

It so reminded me of three cute little girls that hold my heart. 
I already have Peter Rabbit, 
the naughty boy who reminds me so much of my Donovan!!!

Yes, I have been on a shopping spree!!! 
A bit of a reward for working very hard lately....
not that hard when you know I love what I do.

My class last Saturday was the largest ever. 
 I worried endlessly about being attentive enough for so many students. 
I felt like a mom worrying that she is loving her kids enough. 

All of this week I have had many emails thanking ME for the fun they had in class.
Then today this sweet card which brought me to tears.

Have I said often enough that I am SEW BLESSED. 

Sharing a final blessing.....
is there anything sweeter than hand made Valentines
 from the little ones that hold my heart.

I hope your Valentine's Day is equally lovely.  

Monday, February 2, 2015

Instagram....oh my!!!!

Yes....I am still here. 

 Sadly, Instagram has become my "go to". 
 I hope you will join me there, and I do promise to update my blog more often!!!

Where have I been....well my sweet possee of friends and I attended "Road to California". 
Gosh did we have a GREAT time!!!

There were wonderful traditional quilts...

Many just spoke to me in their simplicity. 

This one appreared to be very simple....

...until you looked closer at the amazing quilting. 

Modern quilts were well represented...

....and pictorial quilts in abundance. 

I cannot even imagine the talent it takes to create a quilt like this...

...or like this. 

I tend to focus more on what I believe to be something I am capable of reproducing.

I loved the quilting on this quilt and it has made me 
want to revisit my own book"Dutch Windmills". 

This was an adorable quilt....but sadly the pattern was only available with the kit purchase.

So a quick pic, and it was the first quilt I went home to create.
I will share it in my next post. 

I equally enjoy meeting up with dear old friends....

....and did I mention the SHOPPING????

Of course I came home with an abundance of Pam Kitty Garden. 

Yes.....I had to find some adorable patterns for the little ladies in my life.

My fingers are itching to sew little girl dresses!!!

I end with the "how do I describe this quilt"

If you looked at it from the center you saw this....  

If you stepped to the left you saw this....

....and if you stepped to the right you saw this!!!!

All three faces in ONE quilt. 
 Yes, it is wonderful to spend a day at a quilt show.

I came home exhausted, but SEW inspired!!!!