Sunday, January 15, 2017

It was a Merry Little Christmas.....

Our homes are a holiday reflection of our joy....

Little touches that touch our hearts...

Special quilts we bring out once a year....

The garden gets special touches too....and special visitors!!!

Jonathan and Jill's home was lovely and inviting.
Jonathan made the Creche years ago....we have one too. 

The inside was warm and cozy....

The Christmas tree was full of love and memories....

Family stockings were hung in aticipation of Santa's visit. 

Oma's home is a reflection of her hospitality. 

Meghan and Dustin's home is both Holly Jolly....

....and full of reminders of the reason for the season. 

All of these lovely touches in their homes will make lifetime memories for little ones. 

Of special meals....

....and times to share our love of family.

We are blessed.

It looks like the Calico Critters are gathered as family 
to meet someone very special. 

This may be my favorite decoration of the season.  
We are beyond excited to meet our newest little one.  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Christmas days of Celebration....

There were so many fun celebrations this holiday season.
These are the dear ladies of my Bible Study. 

My friend Linda and I decorated the tables for our special luncheon. 

Christmas pageants were so much fun.
Our little Laurel was the cutest and most enthusiastic lamb to bless the manger. 

Clare looked like a Princess for her pageant. 
 Looking so grown up ( sigh). 

There were wonderful Christmas lights to enjoy....

....even some magical snow.

We had a fun meeting of the "Dutch Shoe Knitting Club".....

....and I even found time to make some gifts for my dear friends. 

Legoland was very festive....

Such fun to sit on the lap of a Lego Santa!!!

It was a season of decorations...

...and lots of hugs. 

Next up.....decorating the house and garden. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Magic of St. Nicholas.....

  This was the most magical of holiday seasons. 

The children were excited about Santa....
but also about the birth of baby Jesus. 

Our little ones are growing so quickly.....
but Santa is still a big hero to all of the Grandchildren. 

Can you tell how excited they are to have their turn 
to tell Santa about their hopes and wishes????

We love that Santa comes each year...
with fun things to share and make us all laugh. 

Laurel was so excited to see her name on the "Good Children" list. 

Donovan made it to the good list fact they ALL did. 

Even Oma was more nice than naughty!!!

There was an abundance of wonderful foods and treats from Holland.

As always the greatest gift is family and we ceratinly felt blessed.

Two of these little ones thought it would be funny 
to test out the mistletoe !!!

What a wonderful grateful for this celebration each year.
Thank you Oma.  It was the best. 

 Now there is one more gift we are looking forward to in the new year!!!

We cannot wait. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Always the Most Fun.....

The best days are the ones spent
with the little ones that hold our heart close. 

Whether they are dressed like ladybugs.....

....or hard working construction workers.

Little sisters who are sweet companions...

....who can prove how brave they are by not holding the safety bars!!!!

It is always fun when we are together. 

When we can ALL be together, the fun is multiplied!!!

Even more so when the big kids are there too. 

 There are concerts to be enjoyed...

....but mostly it is about being family and best friends too!!!!

Those are the moments I feel most blessed.