Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Never Would Have Believed It.....

This sign is by our front always referred to ME!!!!  

I did the planting, the watering, the fertilizing and the pruning.  
But a very magical thing happened!!!!

My husband went with me to a "Country Nursery" and he bought this plant.
I was not impressed....not that pretty, and it is called a WEED. 

But I was wrong.   It was PERFECT!!!!
Look closely and you can see why.

It is the habitat of this caterpillar.

 It magically turned my husband from having NO interest in the garden, 
to his spending endless hours watching for this. 

The hatching of a Monarch Butterfly!!!!

Our mornings are consumed by finding new chrysalis
 and waiting for the magical moment they are born.

Who knew that one simple plant could turn my husband from a NON gardener......

to this!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mini Project Runway.....

When my blog gets very quiet, you can guess I am busy with my friends.

Here they are ...Miss Elna,  my Eclipse serger and my newest friend a ruffler!!! 

We power sewed a total of SEVENTEEN outfits.  
That is what Oma's do when they have three adorable models to parade down the runway!!!

There is the "Vintage" inspired....

...the always popular Polka Dots and Ric Rac!!!

Sweet "girlie" prints....

....and a lovely smock design that reminds me of  the children's clothing I saw in Paris. 

Complete with Eiffel Tower!!!  

There was the more modern....

...and the very "Girlie Girlie".  

All in all a SEW fun week.
 The house is in great need of dusting and cleaning.

I am in great need of more of this.
Summer will be over before I know it. 

I am now closing the sewing room door for a much needed REST!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Meant to be....

I woke up to this....
such a lovely thing to wake up to an abundance of Morning Glory blooms. 

Over morning coffee I opened up my email
 and saw an advertising for this pattern. 

Morning Glories.....HMMMMM?????

I remembered that I had this layer cake in my stash....
waiting for the perfect pattern. morning has consisted of this.

I LOVE when my garden
 provides "quilty" inspiration. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

In the Pink....

Have you ever heard about the DAISO stores???
I first heard about them when I read a blog post from my favorite PKM

Someone described it as Hello Kitty Meets the Dollar Store. 
I knew I had to get there one day.

Best news ever....they opened one close to where our kids live.

This is what I came home with...OH MY!!!!

How do you say NO to a spritz bottle with a bunny???

The hangers will be the base for some crochet designs.

  I have always loved those crocheted hangers
but my internet search showed the base hangers are a lot out of budget.

Not at DAISO!!!!

This hanging pocket organizer just needed to come home with me too. 

It is PINK ( enough said) and it matches my IKEA trolley 
filled with girlie fabrics for my girlies!!!

I am using it to display patterns that will inspire me to use them!!!!

My husband actually was brave enough to enter the store.

He was pretty uncertain about my excitement...
and them complimented me when I put a few things back. 

What was I I went back and put them back in my cart!!!

These buttons are so darn CUTE....
and have I mentioned that EVERYTHING costs

$1.50 !!!!!

You can guess I will go back again.  
It was SEW much fun. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Cottages, B&Bs and more.....

I was completely in LOVE with Ireland.

For Jim's 40th birthday, I had a watercolor picture done of an Irish cottage.
It was our dream to see them some day....our dream came true. 

There was the majestic....

...and the cozy.

The true working farms...

...and the whimsical "pretend" farms too.

We found many ruins....

...and lovely colorful cities to enjoy. 

I wanted to peek inside each and every window!!!

Some we did get to stay inside....

and we could have stayed forever with Tom and Chrissy of the "Olde Bakery B&B".  

Irish B&B's are beyond hospitable...with lovely places to rest, 

.....and delightful  places to enjoy a meal. 

Not only did Drumcreehy House have an extensive buffet table of fruits,
 porridges, meats, cheeses and pastry,

 ( all using Nicholas Mosse Serving Pieces) , 


But in addition, you choose from their extensive menu items. 
Not very WW friendly, but it was our vacation afterall.  

We left each morning well fed and searching for adventures.

This day was very memorable...
we came across a small village on their yearly "trade, exchange or sell horses" event.

I very much wanted to take this little one home in my suitcase...

...but then again, I fell in love with this pony too!!!

If not a pony...perhaps a lamb????

I came home without livestock, but with memories that could fill a book.  

We miss Ireland...the sites, the food and always the people.  
It is as magical as we had hoped it would be. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Magical Ireland...

If England is a fairytale.....
Ireland is a rustic and very real kind of country.

The ruins are breathtaking, and seem to be around 
every corner. 

The cottges are full of charm....

The Grand Estates are magnificent

The Irish Coast is legendary....cold, harsh and oh so beautiful. 

You warm yourself with incredible soups and a brown bread that we fell in love with. 

We found many adorable Bed and Breakfasts, but this one was certainly our favorite. 

Drumcreehy House.....take a peek. 

Endless Clematis....unbelievable meals and much appreciated hospitality.

The people of Ireland are amazing.
Warm, friendly and they make you feel at home.

Of course we had to bring some "Clare Jams" home with us.
We told Clare that they were made just for her!!!

I think I will share a picture post of just the cottages....
there were so many, and they all were adorable.

Speaking of adorable....
the countryside is full of rustic rock fences, and endless horses to greet you.

Gorgeous landscapes, wonderful people and 
memorable adventures. 

Ireland will always be a destination we remember.