Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Fall....

From Our Home to Yours....

Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Needed That.....

I have not been very patient about Fall.  
It has been hot and it is impossible to get in the right mindset.

It was time for a road trip. 

We went to our favorite spot....

Where we could rest up from all the activities that kept our days busy. 

There were cute quiltshops....

Lots of fun Halloween decor....

Elegant shops that made me dream of Paris....

Shops that made me smile from the moment I crossed the threshold.

Wonderful landscapes with endless pumpkins to enjoy.

Lovely gardens to inspire and bring my mind to a restful state.

Most wonderful of all....early morning walks along the foggy shore.
The trip was LOVELY.  

I came home with fabric and patterns,
cute gifts for all those I love,
and I even came home to cooler weather.

I am truly ready for FALL!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where have I been????

Life has been very busy....happily so. 

Sorry for the long time between posts.  
What has been keeping me busy....well, it has been "Birthday Season".  

Oma has always wished to live by the for her 92nd birthday, 
Jim found a cottage for the weekend. 

We all gathered together and had the MOST FUN!!!
Better post with details HERE.

Nothing better than "Birthday Donuts".  
Getting OLD, so I was very happy for the help as I blew out my candle!!!! 

Hmmm....what else???
Well I have been working on FOUR photo books to remember our Europe Adventure.

I made a quilt for a sweet baby soon to be born.  

These two are to be quilted next. 

I bought some more fabric...oh my!!!

....and I am doing a bit of Cross Stitch too.

I have been listening to this and feeling very nostalgic.

It does not seem that long ago that Meghan was a little girl 
and we watched this together with Oma each Monday.  

I have started my Fall decorating....

....and am counting the days til our getaway!!!

I am in great NEED for a Fall trip and Apples!!!!

Lastly....I am watching this little guy today because he is sick.
Well, the recovery is almost magical !!!

So that is where I have been.
 All of these things keep me VERY busy!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

To Keep My Memories Growing....

  I have always loved flowers.

Our visit to Europe provided many opportunities to fall in love.

From the flower vendors in Dublin.... the simple window gardens of the Cotswolds.  

The impressive gardens of the Tulleries.... the simplicity of Peter Rabbits own garden!!!!

I was inspired!!!

With each country we visited I sought  out flower seeds.  

Small enough to fit in my suitcase, 
and not to heavy to cause an overcharge for luggage at the airport!!!!

I came home with these....
each seed an opportunity to bring home a bit of Europe home with me. 

I have patiently been growing them in my bitty seed house.  

Now I have Pink Morning Glories from England....

Sweet memories of Holland....

....and until my flower seeds from Paris sprout, 
I brought home these postcards that are happily in my sewing room. 

A memory of the most delightful bookshop in the Tulleries Gardens in Paris. 

My garden may not be Royal....
but the memories are more priceless than many other riches.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

To Never Forget.....

There are still so many stories to tell you about our time in Europe.  
This one touched my heart like no other. 

We stayed at the most delightful Bed and Breakfast. 

in Kinsale, Ireland was not only cozy,
 but the home of Tom and Chrissie.

In the morning we were invited to breakfast. 
 What I saw caught me off guard.....

On the side of this hutch was a memorial to those lost on 9/11.

I was deeply touched.

 Even more so when Tom ( who is a retired policeman) 
shared with me that all those patches were brought 
by families that stayed with them when they 
visited the "Garden of Remembrance". 

Far from New York is a peaceful garden.  
A view that was both inspiring and serene. 
There the village of Kinsale planted a tree for each responder that lost their life.

They also built this monument in remembrance. 

A place for families to grieve and to leave mementos...
and to know that even though they are far from home, the world remembers. 

I expected to see wonderful things in Ireland. 
It is a magical place.

It was more wonderful than I could have imagined.

I did not expect to see this....and yet it will be the memory that stays in my heart forever. 

Each small flower was a remembrance....of a time that should never be forgotten.

Thank you Kinsale.
 Thank you Chrissie and Tom.  

I was just checking out the link to the B&B
and I am in AWE that they
have included a video that my husband Jim
made of the memorial.

Be sure to see it...and say a prayer for all those
that perished, and for all those that were left to face such loss.