Sunday, October 5, 2008

Take twelve hours and .....

Twelve of the most enjoyable quilting students and you have a successful ALL DAY quilt class.  It was great fun as always and I thank my students for the patience they show me and the inspiration they always leave me with.
     People often ask " do you really quilt for twelve hours" and I have to answer "yes and no".  Technically we have twelve hours together, but this class was fairly typical.  We quilted ( yes), but also discussed our families, our lives, politics ( in a very civil way), knitted, ate WAY to much, but all in all we go home satisfied and touched that we are part of this wonderful world of kindred spirits.
     Today is a day of rest....time for Church and family and to spend as much of the day as I can OFF my feet.  Thank you to all my students who always support me in the kindest ways and make my job so enjoyable. See you all next week for our Ronald McDonald quilting day.  You guys are the BEST!!!!!  


mary said...

Hi Sweet Annie! Looks like the all-day was a *blast*! Nice to see Linda Louise in the pix! You have to tell us more about what Ronald McDonald day is. Great job keeping your blog going! Big hugs! Mary

Meghan Hein said...

I just want you to know that I LOVE Wednesdays!!! Thank you for your yummy dinner. There is nothing that I like more than having dinner planned and ready to throw in the oven. Dustin and I are so thankful for all you do. (