Monday, December 29, 2008

Be Afraid..... VERY afraid!!!!  With Christmas a very sweet memory ( and there are more pictures to share in a later blog) I move into the next phase of my holiday persona.  This is the one that wants life to be orderly and things to be neatly in place so my mind can absorb the concept of a new year coming.
    With that in mind I decided to tackle my sewing obsession.  Oh my, oh my....when did I loose control???? The picture above shows the fabrics that AREN'T in tubs, which means you are only seeing the tip to a very big iceberg!!!! 
    So I have spent the past two days ( and looking forward to a few more days of) sorting, tossing, regrouping and sharing and generally trying to get back to some kind of normalcy in the sewing room.  The good news is that my students LOVE what I give away.  The even better news is that my friends and students generously gifted me with gift certificates to quilt shops in the area so that I can add to the maddness !!!!  
    No time to blog....I have fabric stacked in two bedrooms and one hall.  I had better get back to the task at hand!!!

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