Friday, December 12, 2008

Being Martha Stewart is......

Hard work, but also fun and very rewarding.  Today was the day that Meghan and I chose to pursue our idea of gifts given from the heart and made by our hands. 
      In true Martha fashion we gathered all of our ingredients and with great organizational skill we had our recipes marked and our lists of things to complete near by.  We stirred, we measured, we baked and we dipped.....all the time laughing , sharing the joys and not so joyful things about our week, and in short order we were knee deep in Christmas cheer.  With small time outs to share tea with Oma ( who was equally productive making knitted gifts), and to celebrate our friend Linda's birthday with a Lobster Bisque luncheon, we made great progress and even more wonderful Christmas memories.  
      There were moments when I wanted the world to capture forever my daughter's joy and accomplishment, to see my Mom's contentment as she sat by the fire. How blessed I feel at these moments and again I feel like the best parts of Christmas will never be found hunting for a parking spot or shopping in a mall. Did it really take talk of a recession to create in us the Spirit of Christmas?  Do I feel my fears being replaced by a sense of gratitude for directing me to the simplicity of what this season should always be about? 
     I am not sure what the future will hold for me or for my family.  But at least for today I felt great joy and a sense of peace knowing that the love of family will sustain us in all things.  That was the bigger lesson I learned today.  The other thing I learned was that making your own gifts is quite exhausting.....I can hardly wait to get to bed. 

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