Monday, January 5, 2009

Sew it begins.....

    The Christmas decorations are put away, the house is slowly being cleaned and tidied.  I am ready for the quilts, new less cluttered home and a NEW ME!!!!  
    I begin with the quilts.  In the photo you will see my first quilts of the New Year.....a pattern I am developing that I still haven't named but am thinking "Double Dutch".  The fun part is that you make two quilts at the same is that for efficient????  
    The other NEW is that I am using stash.  After cleaning out and hauling a back breaking amount of fabric to share with my students, I am vowing to keep some control.  On the back of my sewing room door is a clear envelope that I will keep my fabric receipts in.  Do you think that will keep me from buying more....well, I can only hope.
     The other new is that I have joined Red Geranium Cottage in a diet challenge.  You can see the cute little icon that Sharon has shared with us.  She promises this will be fun, and a certain Polka Dot girl has encouraged me that we can do this.  You will see s picture of us at Camp Cedar Glen.  I am hoping that the next time I post our pictures from camp,  people will be asking "who are those two slim and cute girls?" Keeping fingers crossed that I can answer IT IS US!!!!
    So here is to a New Year of fresh starts and hopeful dreams.  Back to the house cleaning many calories do you burn dusting????  


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Good job Annie on the post today. I told you I'd be checking. I see you have my best buddy there with you. Love her!!!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Good luck!!! I'll be getting in the routine with the Wii Fit to see if it does anything! And not eating any cookies anymore will certainly help, I'm sure!!

Cheryl said...

No one will recognize Annie!!! We'll be stars :-)!!!