Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whole lot of love going on.....

     When Meghan was a little girl, we used to have a weekly tea party.  The party would begin with simple invitations that Meghan would write and usually include the line "come in your formal nightie".  My Mother, Meghan and I would sit and sip tea, eat some tea cookies ( that in time Meghan learned to make all by herself) and enjoy watching Avonlea on the Disney Channel.  It was a ritual that brought joy to our week and a memory that will be etched in my heart forever.  
     Meghan is ALL grown up, but the influence of tea party's was the inspiration for a delightful baby shower that she  gave for her dear friend Jennifer. It was a time for little girl's who are now mother's and  wives,  but still know how to giggle and be best girlfriends. 
     While the girls enjoyed their party, I spent time with my Mom and had a tea party all our own.  We knitted and ate cookies, and talked about how much fun the girls must be having. I thought about how lucky I am to have these wonderful women in my life. They teach me how to enjoy each day,  and how to have gratitude in all things, both the good and the bad.  They teach me how to love.  It brings warmth to my life.....just like a good cup of tea.
Best Friends Forever!!!!
Oma visited Meghan's classroom and shared her belated Christmas Gifts.
  The children were all grateful that Oma was feeling better....and loved her presence as well as her presents.

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