Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Yes....St Patrick's Day is very lucky!!!!

    I always had heard of the Luck of the Irish....but knew it was true when they handed me a beautiful baby girl on St. Patrick's Day.  Her Dad was beyond proud and named her as Irish a name as he could come up with. Her brother was shyly impressed with his baby sister.  Her Oma began to dream of all the baby things she could knit for this sweet addition to our family.
The years have gone by so quickly.  Our little girl is all grown up, married her prince and has created a life of her own.  So this year our birthday girl was a hard working teacher, so the party had to come to her.  We brought the yummiest of pastries, and Oma provided the pretty flowers. The teachers came in to share their birthday greetings and the children showered the teacher with flowers, gifts and the sweetest notes.
     I will always think of the day they handed me this sweet and beautiful little girl and remember how blessed I felt.  My life felt so complete.  I had my little boy and my little girl.  I had a husband who loved and provided for us, and  a mother who taught me by her example to be selfless in caring for the family God had provided for me.  
     Yes today is a lucky day, but they are all lucky days when you realize what a gift each day becomes.  Happy Birthday Meghan....may all your days be blessed with the Luck of the Irish.  May you  continue to find joy in all things.  


Meghan Hein said...

You are such a gift to me! I LOVE you!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Happy Birthday, Meghan!

Sandy said...

How sweet. I get to see your daughter and hear about her.
I love your basket in the previous blog also. I have a book to try that...need to get started!