Sunday, August 2, 2009

I don't mean to complain BUT..... job is VERY difficult. I have to walk past all of this lovely fabric each work day, and gaze at all of those beautiful quilts. Yesterday was my "All Day" class. Twelve hours of quilting with an amazing group of students/friends.
My students come from near and far....and this group is mostly FAR!!! I love that they come each time, adding a joyfulness to our day. Sharon thinks we can't see her....but we can!!!
I pack the house with smiling faces. Julie is such a sweetie and Gail is our excellent organizer of ALL things fun. Laurie isn't smiling because she is to busy sewing. We call her FAST Laurie because.....
She makes more quilts than anyone I know. How cute is this????
The girls take over each bit of space creating wonderful quilts and projects. Can you see Chris giving out hugs....she is just the sweetest girl EVER!!!!
Anastasia is my international student....she comes from Russia. She makes the most incredible quilts and would you believe she is making THREE of these seaside quilts???? Her husband is an author and has written a book about how they met and fell in love. We ALL love Anastasia for her sweet smile and kind heart.
This is Laurel....a retired flight attendant. She has the face of an angel but watch out!!! She can tell a joke like NO ONE else I know and has the award for causing me to fall to the floor laughing at one of her stories. I always look forward to Laurel being in class because I know it will be such fun!
OK, aren't they seriously just the sweetest! This is Kate and Rose and they are Aunt and Niece. Not just quilters.....Rose is a "Lactation Specialist" ( yep there really is such a thing) and our very smart Katie works a very important position in a nuclear power plant!!! How amazing are they????
This is Allison. I love that Allison has been a part of my life a LONG time. When my kids weren't at our house, they were enjoying the Fellar's family home. I joke that my kids turned out so well because I co-parented with the Fellar's family. Allison is a HUGE blessing in my life.
Mary Lou and Marla are two of my newest students...and they fit in just perfectly!!! Marla wasn't sure she could quilt, but she is making quilts fast and furious. Mary Lou has a daughter that works at Marie Callendars...which means a pie each week at Thursday quilting. Yep, I LOVE Thursdays!
Amie is our machine quilter par excellence!!! This quilt is for Eleanor's granddaughter "little Ellie". Isn't it just precious?
Mary sat next to me at class. Yep, I got to sew too!!! Mary has the perfect name because no one is merrier ( or sweeter) than she. Makes the cutest quilts too.
Then there is Juanice....what can I say other than I "heart" Juanice very much. Not only the sweetest and the cutest, but can you see that bitty streak of blue hair that she dyed for her birthday? You have to love a girl who has hair that matches her quilt!!!!
Did I mention that we have TWO potlucks at our All Day class. Take a peek at those shrimp!!! Yep, we quilt all day, we eat gourmet meals and I get to shop AND catch up on the lives of my students/dear friends.
So did you want to know what the HARD part of my job is? is picking up my paycheck with a straight face (G)!!!! I should be paying them for the joy that this day brings. But in a way I guess I do, because it mostly just converts into buying more fabric that goes into my stash.
So that was my day....thanks girls for the joy you add to my lives. It was Sew much fun!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like fun! I miss working for Weaver' least when I first started and things were going good...looks like the quilting world is doing quite well!

Patty said...

Annelies I am so jealous! I spent my day grocery shopping with my mother(spending time with Mom good) then reading for a class ...YUCK! I would rather have been there in class with all your wonderful friends/ students!! What a talented group of ladies! I think you do have the best job!!
Enjoy your Sunday.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WOW What a great bunch of students you have. And that food! wow my students never brought shrimp. lol
I love that birdy quilt. It's adorable!!!!

Yaya and Papa said...

Thanks for sharing about your "All Day" sewathon! Working in the shop I know these all day classes always fill up quickly, but now I can see why...maybe I will have to sign up for one in the future--looks like you all have such a great time-looks contagious!

Sandy said...

Lucky, lucky you! What a fun bunch of gals that you have the pleasure of being with. I would LOVE to be a part of something like that...the gourmet meals look yummy!

Kate said...

I LOVE THIS POST! It's nice to see pictures of the all days! I'm signed up for your next one on oct. 3rd