Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to our vacation.....

When Jim and I were newlyweds, we fell in love with this movie. The story touched our hearts and the music filled our souls. It was filmed on Mackinaw Island and we forever held the dream of going there one day.
We were eager to get to the ferry that morning....the only way to get to the island. The weather was crisp and our anticipation was HUGE. Jim had his camera ready and the wind whipped so heartily that it was hard to keep your camera still.
....and then there was that moment when we first glimpsed the Grand Hotel. I was filled with awe at the site of how large and beautiful she seemed.
Our view at the docks did not disappoint. How picturesque, and immediately we felt transported to another time and another era. Like our favorite movie come to life.
Travel on the island is by carriage and the clip clop of hooves became a very favorite sound. So for the rest of our stay, our view of the island and all its beauty began with this and moved on to this......
dreamy cottages ....
.... views that took our breath away.
Gardens that were enchanting and abundant....
...and I wondered if this could all be real and if the Grand Hotel could really be as wonderful as our carriage ride already had been.
There was that moment of disbelief. We were really here and she looked as beautiful up close as she did across the lake. We could hardly wait to get out of our carriage. Would our visit meet the expectations we had held all of these years?
There will be more pictures to come. I could blog for days.....and I hope you don't mind toooo much. Remember you can click on any picture to see more details.....and be sure to check my last post if you would like to have gingerbread men live at your house!

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