Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home is a lovely place to be......

We are home again.....filled with the memories of a wonderful week and restful vacation. I will be spending my next few posts documenting our trip. I apologize to those I bore (G), but for the rest who would enjoy traveling along I say "welcome to the best of the Midwest".
Be sure to click on any picture to see the details. Enjoy the vacation....I sure did!!!
We flew into Chicago and even for this white knuckle flyer, it was a nice enjoyable flight. We quickly found our rental car and we were on the road to Wisconsin. Wasn't much to see as it was getting dark, but we did find our way to the Osthoff resort....and it was amazing!!!!
We rented a three bedroom condo with our friends Don and Laura. The town was a charming collection of Victorian homes and cute shops. But the lake was the highlight.....serene and breath taking.
I did manage to snag a few cute things in this shop/museum. The town was small and cozy and it was a perfect start to our vacation.
The boys had their destinations....and we girls had ours. While they went to a car race in Elkhart Lake, we went to Kohler. Yes the LAND OF TOILETS built the most wonderful town that I can imagine. There is an incredible Five Star hotel, with gorgeous gardens to visit. A bit of shopping and I packed away some delicious Wisconsin Cheese and breads for my picnic that night.
Laura had to return to Chicago after some interesting text messages that brought her to the conclusion that it was NOT a great idea to leave her teenagers at home by themselves. So the boys were off to the GreenBay/Bears game and I had the resort ALL to myself!!
I thought this had to be the best place ever to begin my vacation. Quiet and peaceful....just what I had hoped for.
I spent the day barefoot and knitting on Baby Dease's sweater. Lots of memories are being knitted into this project. When I got hungry, I brought out my feast and happily enjoyed the best of Wisconsin's cheese and a Snapple to wash it all down.
Then I got the brilliant idea that maybe I should just sit on the dock and put my feet into the lake. Pure heaven!!!
And that was my home til the sun went down. Can you imagine any day being better than this?

As the sun disappeared, I talked knitting with the lady who kayaked by me. She was knitting some socks and when she heard about MY project she congratulated me on being a "Grandma" in waiting. It was a memorable first day.....


Patty said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Cheryl said...

Annie....I am so so out of the bloggy loop...yipee to the new bundle coming your way and being a grandma. You are going to love it!!!! It is the best thing ever. Your trip looked so wonderful and I can't wait for more pictures. I can hardly wait till November to see you in person!!!!! (((hugs))) to you from Colorado.