Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sew it begins.....

I have the cutest Mary Englebreit daily calendar. I love that it gives me an inspirational message every day....and this week began with this quote.
Sew it was the perfect motivation to get me started on some very cute things for a very adorable baby who I already love with all my heart. Here are a few patterns I have been picking up along the way......
....and then I found out that the computer offers SOOOO much more!!!! I have these neatly arranged in my "Oma" ( Dutch for Grandmother) binder.
But that won't stop me from getting LOTS more. You know I have to have this pattern because who can resist a cupcake.
....and a peek at my favorite blogs fills my heart with such inspiration. This quilt was featured on the "Spoonful of Sugar" blog. How sweet is that name, and how sweet is it that the blog is all about a mother and daughter who cook and create and just enjoy the time to be together?
Just when I thought I had seen ALL the cute things there were in blogland, I came across this!!! Of course I downloaded the free pattern. Does it ever stop? When will I find the time to make things if I can't get away from my computer?
But I had a stern talk with myself and then I made this sweet outfit to add to Clare's wardrobe.
And a girl can never have to many shoes....wasn't that THE lesson that Carrie Bradshaw taught us on "S&TC"!!!!
So now all I need is some time devoted to my sewing machine and then I had another "ah ha" moment. In just a few weeks I will have seven glorious days of sewing time in Julian. I have a feeling that I will be covered in pink threads and "polka dots" will be my theme. I can't wait. It will be "sewing" Heaven.

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Meghan Hein said...

She'll be the best dressed girl in town!