Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Blessings of Family.....

A few weeks ago the family received an invitation to a party....a decorating party for our little Clare's nursery. Needless to say we were all thrilled to be there. What a party it was!!!
We brought decorations.....
......and every party needs presents! This was a necklace ( a larger and smaller heart entwined) that just spoke to me when I saw it. Just perfect for a new mom and her sweet baby who is so close to her heart.
I also found this sweet vintage baby dress on our last trip. Delicate pin-tucking and embroidery made me fall in love.
Oma says the dress is from MY era....which means that both the dress and I are antiques!

Oma gifted Jill and Clare with the most amazing knitted dress, a stuffed elephant ( a collection that Jill adores and I am sure so will Clare). Also included was a Golden Book story....also about an Elephant.
Oma shared that today was 61 years ago that she immigrated to California and she learned to read English by reading Golden Books. Makes it even more special to think that this tradition will continue to another generation.
Can you see all the love that went into this sweet dress. What a treasure!
Oma also brought her handmade chocolates and if you click on the picture you can see the baby booties and buggies. Sweet in every way!
What is a party without lots of fun things to eat..... a pumpkin shaped cheese ball that was a real hit!
The kids treated to a Mexican buffet that was delicious and very filling. The party was really fun.....
....and everyone was having the best time.
But....we DID come to get some work done, so we all grabbed some brushes.
Here is Clare's Grandma ready to work very hard.
Even Grandpa Jim was in the mood to paint....after all this was for our Granddaughter's nursery!!!
The Dad to be grabbed a roller.....
.....and Auntie Meghan did the cutting in. The photo that is missing would be of Dustin, who was the most knowledgeable about painting and taped everything to perfection. His prep work made the painting much easier. Now if I could only get him to pose for a picture!
With a days effort, and lots of laughs and encouragement, the room was painted for our sweet Clare. In the weeks to follow there will be new carpet and then a crib and furniture to fill the room. All little steps toward what will be one of the most joyous and magical events in our lives.
Do we look like a family that can't wait for this happy event? We are blessed to have a family that finds joy in both the preparation and the waiting. Meghan led us all in prayer....a time to thank God for this joyous time in our lives.
This day was filled with lots of hard work, but the memory that will stay in my heart was that we all shared in this together. That is what family is.....that is why I feel so blessed.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like fun!!

I love the name Clare...reminds me of a song by that one hit wonder guy...gosh, what was his name? Oh, yes, Gilbert O'Sullivan, I think...he was singing about his little girl.

SheilaC said...

Annelies, Your family seems to find a way to make everything fun!

Can't wait to see further installments of the room decoration.