Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wonderful Christmas Memories.....

Since we were on our way to OC to be with the kids, we decided to go to Mass at the Mission Basilica at San Juan Capistrano.
The combination of the beautiful and historic Church, the sounds of the choir and the majesty of the occasion added greatly to our Christmas celebration.
No snow in California, but a lovely view of the surfers from the balcony of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
A California Gingerbread House!!!!
We gathered at Jonathan and Jill's home for our family Christmas. This year Jake was here to join us...and we all felt blessed that he is safely home from Iraq.
Jonathan found the perfect gift for little Clare and it greatly pleased Clare's Mommy too!
Handmade gifts were appreciated and Jill looked so cute in her "Twirly Scarf".
Jennifer looked equally lovely in her knitted scarf. I love that I learned a new skill this year....thanks MOM!
Even Munich was excited with her much so that her eyes glowed in delight (G)!
The kids prepared the most yummy Prime Rib with ALL the fixings and Jennifer graced the table with her delectable cranberry dish.
The boys loved showing that they are baseball ready and there will be a new fan to join in the rally this year.
Practice makes perfect...and here is the " Dad to be" learning how to work a stroller. There will be LOTS to look forward to in 2010. We can hardly wait!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Good times!! Good memories!!

Patty said...


SheilaC said...

Thanks for sharing the family pics!! Munich is SO big now!! wow!!

And I love the new look of your blog! Very pretty.