Saturday, February 6, 2010

Have you wondered.....

We all remain deeply affected by the tragedy of Haiti. Now our prayers go to those who have survived the devastation and we pray for the lives they will now be leading.
Have you wondered what more we can do to help? Would you feel like I do ( SEW INSPIRED) to share in something to help those who are in such great need?
I connected with this blog today, and my mind has been whirling ever since. We can make a difference, and I think it will be a great opportunity to connect our God given gift to sew, with those who will be blessed with the fruits of our labor.
So for those of you who live close enough to QIAD, we are having a "Sewing for Haiti" day on Feb. 14th....isn't that the sweetest Valentine you can think of giving???? Orion has given our permission to use the classroom, and will give us a discount on all fabrics purchased. I am pretty sure I have enough stash to pull together a few skirts (G)!!!
If you can't come to our sewing day, please connect with the above blog. It has the best tutorials for easy to make skirts and even the coolest fabric calculator....whew, I don't even have to do the math!!!!
....and here is another way to make a difference. Mary Englebreit is selling a poster with all proceeds to go to relief in Haiti. So you can SEW or you can BUY, but mostly we can make a difference.


Meghan Hein said...

What a great idea!

mary said...

Hi Sweet Annie!
Lovely idea - count me *in*!
I'll see you on the 14th -- let me know the times you are planning at QIAD for this (and, of course, I'll bring some munchies too!).

jessica said...

woohoo! a skirt making party! and for a very worthy cause! those tiered skirts are sew cute...please post pics of your creations!..they will be good inspiration for my summer skirt series :)

Tul.pje said...


Hoi Annelies. Wat een goed idee zeg voor dit. Als het kan wil ik ook wel komen op de 14de.

Doei :)