Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Bloom....

I know it seems silly when people in California say they are tired of winter....but I am so ready for Spring!
I love that my freesia bulbs are bursting with fragrant blooms....
....and that the colors of the flowers look like Easter eggs!
My pink jasmine is ABUNDANT with blooms and when I open the window, the air is scented with the most heavenly floral scent.
What isn't growing outdoors is growing indoors. I love these pods that I fill with flower seeds and they reward me with flowers and more flowers!
Each morning I check their growth. The garden will be full of Morning Glories, Bachelor Buttons, and Cosmos. I can't wait!

There is more wonderful news....newly retired Jim is having a birthday.
The family gathered for a celebration lunch in the darling town of San Clemente. The weather was glorious and the meal was YUMMY!!!!
Jim enjoyed his selection....
.....and Oma enjoyed hers!!!

But with all the things I look forward to the most as Spring approaches...these two and their bitty baby are what I am most excited about. Two weeks and counting down.
Jill is still full of smiles ( she is the sweetest and most joyous pregnant person I have ever known).
I picture the years ahead with Clare beside me as I teach her about the joys of seeds and flowers. Just one more thing that I can't wait to experience!


Patty said...

Happy Birthday to Jim. In contrast we got about nine inches of snow yesterday. But we are still way behind my friends in the Mid- Atlantic states. Here's wishing Jill a safe and easy delivery.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Hard to believe it's almost time! That's gotta be the fastest pregnancy on record!!! I hope Jill the best and that she has an easy delivery!

sunny said...

Okay, I'm one of those people in the Mid-Atlantic who have been buried by snow, so I think your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I'm looking forward to Spring, too.

Jandi said...

I love your photos! I am anxious for spring to get here too. I am just sick of looking at my yellow lawn. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I believe I got the follower thing fixed. People who were already logged into their blogger weren't being shown the button.