Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lessons on a Sunday....

Today I felt a complete sense of peace....and I wanted to spend part of my day in Church praising God who provided this for me.
We began a series on prayer and I felt challenged by our lesson . Do I pray to God to ask Him to fulfill my needs, or do I pray to honor God and seek a real relationship.

When our children were born I was in complete awe. When Clare was born I had more time to reflect on the miracle that was provided.
It is hard to explain....but as I gazed at perfect toes and fingers, a sweet button nose and eyes that shyly peeked at me today, I knew that I had experienced something transforming. I felt I was touched by the hand of God and I am humbled by the experience.

So today we went back to share the joy of this small bundle that has changed us little as she is.
We feel the blessings of a little life that moves us to a new generation....
They joyful responsibility we all feel to care and nurture this small child.
We reflect that once we were young parents holding our miracle....
....and how this new miracle will continue to change and transform us.
I leave tomorrow to help a very sweet young couple as they bring home their new baby. I will cook, clean and cuddle ( a LOT of cuddling) and hopefully provide enough free time so that Jonathan and Jill can do nothing but continue to enjoy this blessing in their lives.
I am sure I will have lots of pictures to share when I am back. Everyone told me that being a Grandmother is amazing.....I just couldn't imagine it could be as wonderful as this.


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

It must be a heady feeling that your own baby just had a baby! Enjoy!

jessica said...

Congrats Oma!!! oh my goodness, she is just so sweet. and a very blessed little girl to be born into your sweet family, surrounded by so much love. enjoy this special time this week cuddling little, jess

SheilaC said...

Enjoy your special time with Clare and family, Annelies!

Can't wait to hear all about it!


Beverly said...

How blessed you are to have such a little bundle to love, but how blessed is she to be loved so much. Enjoy your time of "cooking,cleaning and cuddling".
I am still waiting for that all important phone call.
Looking forward to lots of pictures from your visit.

Patty said...

Clare is absolutely beautiful. She is blessed to be born int such a wonderful and caring family as yours. She has and will continue to bring all of you much joy as you will bring her much joy as well. Enjoy this time as it fleeting and the every life will start all to soon. Bless you.

Yaya and Papa said...

Dear new Oma and friend! I know exactly what you are feeling--you said it so beautifully--as I have felt the same since the moment our Gigi came into this world 3 years ago in May. We will be sharing in the joy of our second grandchild, a boy, also due in May (our son and daughter in law being the parents to be). These little ones are such blessings in our lives!!

Carol said...

Clare is beautiful...I'm so very excited for you. Grandbabies are a blessing beyond words. And how incredibly wonderful that she was born on her dad's birthday. Enjoy every single minute!

MvR said...

O my! I've been soooo busy, but I have been checking your blog because I was so excited for little Clare (she's family after all!) So here it finally is:


She is no doubt a beautiful baby, so tiny! Adorable. I wish you all the best! And please congratulate Jonathan and Jill from me :)

Omg, I can't get over the fact how pretty little Clare is!

Ps. When I was there in August I even ASKED someone when you two were going to get married and have babies! I think it was aunt Nellie. I was sooo feelin ya ;)!

Cheryl said...

Big CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a joyful post and such beautiful pictures. I am thrilled for you all and I know your heart is full. Being a grandparent is just so amazing, so perfect and such a blessing. (((hugs)))