Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Obsessed.....

I do have to admit I have a lot of obsessions....Clare being at the top of the list!!! Please excuse this chance to insert this gratuitous photo of the world's sweetest baby girl (G)!!!!
Back to my blogging obsession which takes MUCH to much of my time, but I just LOVE it. I have met the dearest friends ( many of whom I have only cyber met, but adore all the same), and I have learned SEW much from the endless tutorials that I download, copy and sometimes actually work on!!!
I can begin by praising Moda Bakeshop for quilting tutorials and Prudent Baby for helping me to fill all of Clares sewing needs!!!
When Clare's Mommy told me that she loved the bibs I have made, I did what any adoring Oma would do....make TONS more!!!!
.....and when Clare's Mommy tells me that she is still so tiny that even newborn dresses are to big, I got on Prudent Baby's site and proceeded to make this.
What fun I am having, and I know that this baby will not only be well loved, but she will be well dressed too!!!!
In fact I have to share that Clare's Mommy and Daddy have stopped teasing me about "all things Bloggy" and have decided to join the fun.
So check out my link and you can hear all about our baby straight from Clare's own Mommy and Daddy.
I am in blog heaven....but then you probably already knew that!!!


Crafty Mama said...

Awwww, she's such a sweetheart! I can see why you'd be obsessed~I would be! ☺

Carol said...

She is such a sweetie! Love the little dress you made...and those bibs are wonderful. I also love the pinwheel quilt!

SheilaC said...

I love to see all the pics, Clare is just SO sweet!!

And do I see some strawberry blonde on that precious head??


Beverly said...

She is adorable, Anne. I don't blame you for posting her picture. The little bibs are so cute and darling dress. I had not heard of Prudent Baby. I will check it out. That's great that your son and dil have got the blog fever too. It is a great journaling tool for a family.

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

She is a sweety!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again soon.