Thursday, April 22, 2010

Paradise Found....

Welcome to Carmel....a Dutch door and a bottle of wine. What could be more welcoming than that?
Carmel is the land of quaint cottages.....
....and breathtaking vistas.
A storybook village of the most delightful shops......
I could LIVE here happily ....sigh.
Art galleries are a large part of the Carmel experience. This one was named the "Dutch Touch" and featured artists from Holland.

The bakeries are delightful...and believe it or not this tray was filled with Doggie Treats!

We knew a certain sweet doggie was celebrating a first birthday....reason enough to invest in a bag of gourmet treats!!!!

A side tour to Pacific Grove ( and a quilt shop and yarn shop....of course) took us along a scenic route of dramatic ocean views.
I found this tribute to John Denver along the beach....a sad reminder of how his life ended in this turbulent ocean.
Our last day took us along Big Sur drive. It certainly has to be one of the most lovely places on the planet. We enjoyed our stay in Carmel immensely. There were lovely hikes, delicious picnics and endless photo ops.
The beauty of our State flower and a reminder of the blessings of Spring. Tomorrow I will share the next part of our trip where this city girl proves she can be a farmer.....sort of!


MvR said...

Doggie treats? With chocolate? Thats deadly for doggies as I've always been told..??

Beverly said...

I enjoyed your trip through Carmel and the area around. Beautiful pictures, Anne. Looking forward to seeing the "farm" girl in you.