Friday, May 21, 2010

Bitty VIP and her adoring public.....

A certain cute visitor came to San Diego this week....and there were many people who wanted to meet her!

My sweet quilt class couldn't wait to see the recipient of all of their kindness. Remember the wonderful surprise of my Grandma shower???

There was lots of cuddling going on.... and great desserts to help make the occasion even more festive.
Auntie Megs even came to visit, and one of the girls took a generational pic of all of us together!!!

There was another appearance the next day when Clare came to visit with Auntie Meg's second grade class. The class knew all about Clare. They had even called Clare's parents to congratulate them when she was just born!
For the past few months they have written letters, and even brought her gifts. Clare couldn't wait to meet the cutest second graders ever.

Clare's Mommy and Daddy read a letter that each child had written. There were questions to be answered and one was a bit of a are baby's born. Jill answered sweetly about the Stork and that seemed to make all the children content!

I took a picture of two adorable second grade teachers and I think Clare hopes that she has such wonderful and dedicated teacher's when she goes to school.
The days were incredibly busy, but you guessed we would find time to shop. Who knew that strollers were built to hold our selections...and there were LOTS of pretty things to choose from!!!

So now Clare and her family are resting at home. I am sure our little celebrity is a bit tuckered out from all of her appearances.
We sure had lots of fun and I know that everyone who saw our bitty girl thought she was the cutest ever....and you know I completely agree !!!


Meghan Hein said...

Oh my cuteness! What a great post. That first pic of Oma is SOOOO sweet. I felt so proud to have Jonathan, Jill, and Baby Clare visit SME! (And the trip couldn't have been complete without Mrs. Dease and her treats!) That was a memory I will never forget. Love you!

SheilaC said...

How sweet of Jill to bring Clare to visit all of her fans!! I am sure everyone was thrilled.

And Jill looks GREAT!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

How sweet!!! Clare is getting around it looks like. Babies are wonderful!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Wow, what a popular baby girl!! How fun!!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh, she is SO CUTE! And, it was so nice of you to take her out, and let everyone enjoy her - I think I'd have been more stingy LOL! She's beautiful!