Friday, May 28, 2010

Green Thumb Lucky Day....

I was on my way to the Garden Center to replace a very sad houseplant. As I drove up to Loews I saw a HUGE collection of hanging baskets. I always love "True Geranium" because it reseeds lots and from one plant I will get many. I told myself if it was under $15 this basket would go home with me.
But the lucky part has to do with taking the time to ask one of the garden employees about a certain plant I was looking for. During our conversation, she looked at the plant in my cart and said "Let me mark that down to $ looks a bit weary". I thought it looked FINE, but who am I to argue with a garden expert!!

So I thought I might as well ask "Any more bargains you want to share". She took me to the far side of the center and pointed at a few more baskets. She said to take what I wanted and told me she would mark them to $2. SCORE!!!!
The picture above is the SMALLEST of the baskets I brought home. The others I shared with Mom and Meghan. A lot of flower joy for a very little price.

Next stop...the Dollar Store. Who knew they had anything more than wrapping paper and gift bags (G)!!!
What they did have were wonderfully abundant planters filled with herbs. The guessed it $1!!!!
The bargains continue....with a stop at Walmart where I have been picking up plant pods. These are great fun. You drop them in water, they expand into cute little seed holders and my garden is witness to the success of my $2. investment.
I now have bachelor buttons, poppies, baby's breath and an assortment of other flowers that I have been cutting into joyous bouquets!

But here is a bargain that I can only attribute to God's gift of nature. Did you know that if you cut off a piece of your hydrangea plant ( about the size of a pencil), push it into the ground, keep it watered and you will be rewarded with another plant?
This one from last Spring's cutting is going to bloom abundantly!!! That is not only a is a huge blessing!!


About Me said...

I am love with all of your bargains! Now I am going to hunt around to see if I can find some of my own.

I really enjoyed the tip about the hydrangea. I will give it a try for next year.

Enjoy the beauty of all of your bargains!

Beverly said...

You really did hit the jackpot. I want to go shopping with you next time you go looking for plants. I did not know that about hydrengeas. One of my favorites,that I have trouble with. I think it is the watering part.

Crafty Mama said...

You were mighty blessed today, beautiful flowers!
I didn't know that about Hydrangea's but I love them so I will try that with mine and see if they come back! Thanks for the tip!! ☺

Carol said...

What beautiful bargains! I didn't know that about the hydrangea...thank you for the tip!

MvR said...

Ahhh I love love love flowers! I'm defenitly a bit of a flower hippie, haha. I've told myself for the past year: when you get to live on your own, you'll have a house full of flowers! ;)


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks great! But I think you have the greenest of thumbs since when I did your hydrangea trick, it sure didn't work for me!!! I'm just happy when the full version from the Target nursery center stays alive and blooms!!