Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chi Town.....

Jim's retirement party was based on a wonderful occurrence....the Angel's were playing at Wrigley Field!!!
Jim is a huge fan of baseball, and combing the game with the opportunity to reunite with some family members made it a memorable event.

Jim and his sister Barb ( with husband Russ in the background) had a wonderful few days to visit and reminisce about growing up in Chicago.

It was time to introduce the next generation to Grandpa's favorite past time....and Clare seemed to enjoy it very much.

Even the storm of all storms couldn't put a damper on our special day...and the Angel's WON!!!!
We stayed at the lovely and historic Conrad Hilton Hotel. It was across from the park and Buckingham fountain with the most incredible views of the city. Not to shabby that our rooms were HUGE and had TWO bathrooms. We felt pampered and very special.

There was plenty of time to enjoy the sights of the city......

....and make a special stop at the American Girls Doll Store.

Where we found a doll that looked just like Clare.

This was Clare looking at her twin doll.....

....and a proud Grandpa couldn't resist a sweet gift for a sweet girl!

It was all to much for our bitty baby who took a snooze in the quiet and cool courtyard in the middle of the bustling city.

The next day we girls took a leisurely tour of the Chicago Art Museum, where Clare was introduced to the Dutch artist Van Gogh.

On a lovely summerish afternoon we ate a delicious lunch in the museum garden. It was relaxing and such fun to spend the time with Jill's dearest friend Ann who drove in from Wisconsin. WE LOVE ANN!!!!!

The days went much to quickly....there were night time strolls in the park where live bands played waltzes and you could dance the night away.

There was a final brunch at the Naperville Country Club......

....where cousins reunited and could meet Clare for the first time. We raised a glass to Jim on his retirement, and to Jonathan on his first Father's Day.
It was hard to say goodbye to one another, but there was a long trip back to California and more adventures along the way.

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Beverly said...

Oh Anne, I didn't realize you had your sweet Clare with you on your trip. You must have loved that. Isn't the whole American Girl experience fun. Clare has the sweetest lips...don't you just what to kiss on her all the time?
How great that your hubby had a retirement celebration and met up with so many realatives. Mr. SS sweet was so jealous of your Wrigley field experience. My son the baseball coach wants to see as many baseball stadiums in the USA that he can.
Again great pictures of a fabulous trip.