Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fruits of my labor.....

Yesterday was spent with my favorite bitty girl, and she got to try on the things I made her. I think she is very stylish in her new summer hat!!! But.....
....maybe the dress was a bit of a snooze (G)!!!!
My other favorite girl got quite a few compliments on her new skirt. So many in fact that the teachers at her school have asked if I would do a class for them this summer.
Guess I will continue to be SEW busy!!!


SheilaC said...

Both of your girls look SEW adorable!


Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

The outfits look great!! Bet you could sell a whole slew of those skirts!!!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Your "itty bitty" is super cute!

and yes...your skirt is a hit! Have fun teaching your class.

Beverly said...

I have missed so much while on my trip. Love, love, love the sweet little things you made for Clare. And isn't she just the sweetest.
The skirt for your Meghan turned out great. It's no wonder you've had requests for a class.
I have sewn in 2 weeks and am having withdrawals.
Was the quilt pattern featured on the front of a magazine, I think I've seen it.
Your club project looks like fun. I would be interested in that club. Love that "Freebirds" line...have to check into that, as a trip to my favorite store is overdue.
Keep those projects much inspiration.