Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping Surprise......

I used to LOVE shopping at the April Cornell store in Santa Barbara. It was filled with delicious and delicate clothing and housewares. Most were out of my reach financially, but a good sale always meant I could bring something home.
Then their stores closed all over the US. There was something about trade agreements, or something beyond my understanding. I was sad, and the dream of having little Granddaughters outfitted in April Cornell was dashed.

Then I found out they had an online I ordered this,
...and this

....and this

...and even this!!! My dreams of bitty Clare outfitted in April Cornell was soon to be a reality.

So I waited impatiently for the mailman to bring the goodies. They came yesterday and I was SOOOO excited to open the package.

But when I did all I found were these four pieces....I was guessing someone got MY baby clothes and I got their dresses or blouses. I was shattered and a bit annoyed. I was sure when I called they would tell me that "sorry, we are out of the items you ordered". I was ready for a good is HOT after all and HOT makes me cranky!!!

Do you want to know the surprise???? The VERY polite person on the phone told me that they package all of their items in fabric gift bags!!!! WHAT??? I looked closely and YES, my items were in these delightful and LARGE fabric bags.
I told her as a quilter and fabricholic, I would make good use of the fabrics. They are LOVELY!!!

She told me to enjoy them, but not to get used to them. Apparently their generosity has NOT been rewarded. Instead people ( thinking as I did) that they got the wrong orders have been returning their items. So they will discontinue the packaging in the Fall.

As for me....I have more to shop for. Be sure to check them out. They are my new favorite online store!!!!


Beverly said...

I am off to check them out. Clare will be a little doll in her new outfits.

SheilaC said...

Those new clothes look adorable!!


Michelle said...

Those outfits are too cute!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Now that is an awesome surprise! My favorite one is the first one with the cute flowers on it. I would cut up that bag into charm squares and use the fabric for something.

Hmmmm...that gives me an idea!

Thanks for sharing,

BTW-I miss the So Cal weather! It is 100+ degrees over here.

Carol said...

OMG those are so cute...I'm going to have to go check for Camden...I just love the outfits you got!