Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trying to remember to breathe.....

As summer ends, life seems to go into overdrive.

There is a very cute teacher who needs help moving into her new school and new classroom.

This same sweet teacher is a bit overwhelmed at her changing body and I got the frantic call "Mom can you possibly sew some maternity clothes....nothing in my closet fits".

So I appreciate any and all moments to breathe and relax, and want to share a place that fits the bill perfectly! Just a small drive from this lovely ocean view...... Roger's Gardens in Corona Del Mar. Certainly the Disneyland of retail nurseries and a lovely place to spend some relaxing time.

Along with some beautiful plants and flowers, there is also a gift shop that fills my mind with inspiration.

The flowers feed my soul.....

But there are gourmet goodies to feed the body too!

There are lots of Fall decorations which tells me that cooler days can't be too far away.

Time is coming to decorate tables with pumpkins and Fall quilts....

But can Christmas be that far behind????

There are things that are whimsical and fun.....

....and lovely ocean colored items to extend the summer dream for a while longer.

The flowers are breath taking...

....and we couldn't resist bringing a few things home for our own gardens.

But the sweetest flower still has to be this little darling....dressed in ruffles and more ruffles, and just as cute as can be.

So if you are feeling as overwhelmed as I am this week I think the perfect antidote is ocean, flowers and baby hugs.

Wishing you all as restful a week as is possible!!!


sewingseeds4U said...

You are so right about Roger's Gardens...I absolutely love to get lost and wander around in there. So beautiful and such happy plants but who can blame them. Patty

trish said...

What a beautiful post. I long for the ocean (I miss N. CA), a baby hug is just the sweetest and such beautiful flowers can't help but to feed the soul. :o)

Your pictures are just beautiful. Thank you for bringing us along on your journey.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Sincerely ~ Tricia

SheilaC said...

Clare's dress is adorable! All that pink and those ruffles :)

Hope Meghan can breathe and relax along with you!!