Friday, September 10, 2010

Why am I feeling blue????

It is NOT a bad thing to be fact in my case it is pure joy. Meghan and Dustin had their ultrasound appointment and we found out some great things.

First the baby is healthy, second the baby is BIG and Hein is a BOY!!!!!

You can see the joy on all of our faces !!!! The next day, two Grandma's to be and one Oma were off to shop for the sweetest addition to Meghan and Dustin's family.

That night Dustin's Mom created a celebratory feast....and the gift opening was lots of fun.

Oma had a perfect baby sweater already made in anticipation of the happy news
Every little boy needs a train set, and Oma picked out the perfect one.

Some cute clothes of course.....

Then Meghan opened a gift that I made. It is the first thing I ever knit, and I guess I didn't pass the "gauge" test. Baby Hein will enjoy this "not so baby blanket" for a long time I hope!!!

....and in the tradition of things her brother used to wear, I had to buy some overalls and a denim jacket too!!!!

We all feel so blessed by this wonderful news, and we can hardly wait to meet our little grandson. Clare will have a great buddy to play with, and we can only imagine how lively our home will be with two little ones to enjoy and spoil!!!


Carol said...

OMG I'm so excited for you all...boys are such fun! Love the overalls...nothing cuter than a bitty boy in his overalls...Love it!

Linda said...

WhooHoo! Congrats! This is really great news. (I think the blanket is very lovely!)

jessica said...

CONGRATS Oma! now you have one of each to shop & create exciting!!!

chocl8moose said...

Boys are such fun... precocious and loving. Congrats.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

What fun these cousins will have!! So are we having a blue shower soon? Looks like you already had one!!:)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Congratulations on baby boy news grandma!

Darlene said...

Very exciting news. I have two grandsons I absolutely adore and we found out last Friday that a granddaughter will arrive in January. WooHoo!!!!

Meghan Hein said...

Oh my gosh, those little overalls!!! I am still laughing. Baby boy stuff is so, so sweet. Thanks for showering our little one with such beautiful gifts. He's a lucky, lucky boy!

SheilaC said...

Wonderful news, Annelies!!

The new outfits look adorable!!!