Monday, October 4, 2010

Continuing to purge.....

It is not easy to pick and choose which fabrics to save and which to donate. But after a VERY time consuming amount of time, I have narrowed down my stash to what can fit in my new Expedit ( and one tub ....not proud of that, but I just have a hard time letting go)!!!!

There are lots of books too......quilters can sure become collectors of TOOO much stuff!!!!

I found WAY to many projects that I have never finished....better get moving on this one. Word is out that Santa will be filling his sleigh in no time!!!

And since I was in such a Christmas mode ( and since I felt I deserved a treat for all my hard work) I bought this DARLING quilt book.

Best part can use up LOTS of scraps, so I have been cutting lots of greens into squares, and pulling out more stash for the applique.

But then my designer gene kicked in and I thought "why not a Fall version" I have been cutting lots of my Fall stash too. Instead of stockings I am picturing Pumpkins and Fall leaves.
So easy to pick and choose my fabrics now that I have them in orderly cubbies!!!!

SEW far there has only been one pumpkin on my I made her a cute jumper. Did I mention that she has two bottom teeth and actually DOES look a bit like a pumpkin.
She is eating solid foods I made a couple of "towel bibs with applique". She is one messy eater...but so darn cute.

I am hoping the cooler weather and bit of rain puts me into a Fall decorating mode. Still have seashells and sail boats decorating my porch...guess I refuse to believe that summer really is over!!!!


Meghan Hein said...

It's over. Embrace the tea weather. Anne of Green Gables and pumpkin bread are calling our name!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Making progress! That little jumper and the bib are very cute!

trish said...

Your little pumpkin are the very best pumpkins of all. :o)
I hope your birthday was extra special for you!! :o)
You have such pretty fabric to donate, someone will be so delighted to come across it!! :o)
Have a lovely day.
Sincerely - Trish

Carol said...

That little jumper is going to be darling on your sweet pumpkin!