Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to Camp.....

Camp Cedar Glen gives us all a chance to meet again....renew friendships and encourage creativity.

It is always a HUGE pleasure to see my dear friend Cheryl....known to the blog world as "Miss Polka Dot and Ric Rac" !!!!

Anne is another sweet friend that comes each year and brings along her Tennessee charm and an endless amount of beautiful quilts to inspire.

Sew.... take a peek at some of the lovely quilts made at camp, and waving a BIG hello to all the dear friends I made at El's Quilt Camp!!!!

Can't wait til May....when we get to do it all again!!!!!


MvR said...

Ahhhw, well.. Internet tells me it's 18 degrees celcius today in San Diego...

It's snowing and freezing here!!!


But camp seems like fun! A getaway is always nice! xxx

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

looks like so much fun.... wish i was there!

sunny said...

What a lot of beautiful quilts! Isn't it fun to get away and spend time with like-minded friends?

Cheryl said...

Anne I didn't know you got a picture of me with the Christmas quilt. That was a nice surprise.

Any news on the COOKIE recipes?