Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bear's Paw Ranch....

Eleanor lives in a beautiful log cabin home in Julian California. It is a small mountain community, and her home overlooks some gorgeous views of the woods.

A few of the staff are lucky enough to get to stay at the ranch while we spend our days teaching at the camp. It means cozy nights to relax and knit. It is always a joy to be there.

Here is El welcoming the campers to her "tea" party. I will share more pics of that in another post.

I hope you will enjoy the of El's Fall collection of quilts which display beautifully against her log cabin walls.

A guest room....

My cozy room......

A very pretty tablerunner on display in the dining room.

A log cabin for the log cabin!!!!!

Summer's Porch quilt pattern done in Fall colors.....

My dear friend Marty made this quilt....and I was deeply touched to see it displayed in El's home. We all miss Marty so much.

A bear for the very cute. Next we visit the tea party, where I find out that now I am a professional caterer!!!!

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