Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sweetest of Guests....

When Dustin learned Meghan was in labor, one of the first phone calls he made was to his boyhood friend J.Paul. It didn't take long for J and his gorgeous wife Kristen to pop into the car and drive to San Diego from Sacramento. They arrived at 1am in the morning.
I offered our home as a place they could stay and along with all the blessings of this wonderful new baby, I have bonded with two new and dear friends.

J. Paul has always been there for Dustin. They have shared joys and sorrows and he stood beside Dustin when he married Meghan.

Now he is "Uncle J." and Donovan could not be luckier!!!!

Kristen is not only lovely, but "oh my goodness" a FONT of knowledge.

She has been a nanny and now works for Kaiser. She was the "go to" person for all baby questions and anything about labor and delivery.

She was a HUGE blessing.

The boys spent much time in the "Man Cave...actually the garage ", while we girls supported and encouraged Meghan as she learned to nurse her sweet baby. They would happily come in for our family dinners.

The evenings were spent sharing funny stories or watching movies. I know Dustin and Meghan felt loved and supported.

They went home early this am, and I only asked that they do NOTHING when they left. I have plenty of time to tidy and clean and wanted them to only relax and enjoy.

I found this on the pillow this morning. Unexpected, and very appreciated and further instilling in my heart what a darling couple they are.

But the funniest moment had to be when I was searching for the house key I had let them use. They must know me MUCH to well, because they left it in my candy dish. How did they know that is where I go first thing in the morning?

So the week has been FULL of blessings. Our baby is thriving, his parents are doing incredibly well and I found out I had more family than I had even known.

God is good.....very very good!!!


Taria M. said...

Oh how I want to hold that precious little boy!!!!! I'm so happy for all of you! :)) Please give Meghan a good hug for me!

MvR said...

I'm happy for you all, Donovan is SO adorable! And I'm not just saying that to be polite :)

I know you're all SUPER busy, but could you please ask Nelie to answer my e-mail from a while back with some final questions, when she finds the time? I really hate to ask, but my deadline is coming up :(

Ohhh! Have you recieved our gift already? xoxo