Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sew Lucky.....

It has been sooooo long since I won a blog contest....but I finally did. This is my very cute prize!!!!

A darling PDF from a company named Lily Bird Studio. I was SEW excited!!!!

Not SEW lucky....I PAID for this PDF from a company called "I Think Sew".

Well, it was a nightmare of confusing instructions, took reams of paper to download squiggly lined pattern pieces ( which was a HUGE puzzle to put together because there was not ONE number on any of the pattern pieces), and then it got even worse!!!

NO written instructions, but only photos of the steps. I have a lot of sewing experience, so I struggled thru ( very stubbornly).

The FINAL straw for me was when the pattern said to add 1/4" to the pattern pieces. In their words "this is so easy. Just tape two pencils together and use one to draw the line and the other will add the 1/4"".

REALLY....if it is SEW easy, why didn't THEY add the 1/4". Oh day I was SEW lucky and other NOT so much!!!!

I know a very cute baby who will soon be wearing a darling new dress thanks to Lily Bird.

Whether I put the dress in the "it looks cute , but what a pain to make" purse is a big question mark right now!!!

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Carol said...

What a cute dress...Can't wait to see Miss Clare in her's. Cute pic of Clare, Grandpa and her Bitty Baby! Priceless!