Monday, May 2, 2011

Does Anyone Remember.....

.....when my blog used to focus on quilting projects??? There was a time when I was SEW productive!!!

In fact so much so that I was even featured on a blog that I used to check often because they highlighted all the COOL quilt blogs.

Then one day I checked and I was no longer on her list!!! Oh well, my priorities have changed a lot.

But I am still sewing.....mostly for that adorable little girl that is growing much to fast.

I feel like Clare influences my own mini version of "Project Runway". Check out the details of ladybug covered buttons and shirred back.

While I used to go to quilt shops to buy fabrics for all of my dream projects, now I check out what will be cute for little dresses.

And in case you wonder about my other sweet Grandbaby....I bought LOTS of this whale fabric to make things for him too!!!!

When Meghan was a bitty girl I could hardly find time to clean house and keep the garden tidy.

While I did sew a few things, I guess my creative spirit was on hold for this glorious time in my life!!!

I am having the time of my life....and I even make sure that the hangers are cute too ( available at Michaels). blog may be lacking in quilts, but I keep this journey of Grandmotherhood as a reminder of what is most important in my life.

I know these days will go quickly, and I intend to cherish them to the utmost.

After all, there will be ( God willing) lots of time to make quilts once again.

In the meantime I am creating less quilts....but more memories!!!!


sunny said...

Sounds like you've got your priorities straight! And you're still having fun and being creative, so go for it. THere's more to life than quilting. I think.

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I love the little dresses! Clare's going to look so cute in them!

Crafty Mama said...

I agree, it sounds like you have your priorities in order☺
I just love the little dresses you made for Clare, how cute!
Btw, when I heard your blog music, it took me aback-I thought I had turned on that CD ( Tenth Ave North)by mistake,LOL. I just ♥ that song, their whole CD, both of them are just awesome.

krista said...

good priorities ;) those dresses are seriously amazing. i love every single one. your sweet clare will look very cute!

Meghan said...

You will always be on my bloggy favorites list. ;) That picture of Clare is too cute. I just love you to pieces! XO

Beverly said...

Oh my!! Now I cannot wait to try the pattern for the first one. It turned out sew cute. Of course the fabric you chose and those covered buttons...oh my.
I have that whale fabric in a white background. And of course you know I used the same Strawberry fabric for Emmy's birthday dress. Aren't we so funny.
But I agree about the quilting thing. It will wait and I want to sew for the little ones as long as they want me too. The picture of you holding Donovan is priceless.

Carol said...

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! They grow so those little dresses...cute as they can be!

Yaya and Papa said...

Love seeing your grandbabies and the items you make them. I, too, make lots of things for mine, of course, Gigi gets more dresses, and with another girl on the way, I anticipate being busy!! They are so fun, and doesn't your heart just melt when their eyes light up when they see you!!

Pam said...

Absolutely adorable! Love the music, too! I wonder if you would share the pattern company name and pattern name? I have two little granddaughters that I love to sew for!