Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Happy Oma....

....and one happy Donovan.

I have had the most joyous week. Meghan was selected to participate in developing curriculum for her district...and she asked if I would babysit our bitty man.


I did get a bit of down off to the Carter Outlet Shop with coupon in hand. I found MUCH and spent LITTLE.

A very happy combination!!!

I think I surprised our little boy...and he really liked what I picked out for him.

It was mostly surfer cool!!!

I found cute things for our bitty miss too.

She is going on a business trip with Mommy and Daddy to DC.

I still remember from our years living there that it can be quite WARM!!!

I kind of went heavily into the ORANGE mode...because our sweet girl is getting lots of hair and it looks to be strawberry blonde!!!

Thanks for the continued prayers and support for our sweet Meghan.

She is doing so well...and is stronger each and every day. I think her little man ( and his sweet Daddy) are taking very good care of her.

I am back in the morning for more time with Donovan. I love the giggles and the fact I just love it all!!!!


sunny said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Linda said...

What fun! Time being grandma and shopping for your grandkids!!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks like fun being Oma!! Glad Meghan's doing better...hope it continues!!

Carol said...

PERFECT days! I'm just squealing for you!

Beverly said...

How fun!! Picking out those cute little clothes for your precious ones. Aren't you glad they make such cute things for boys now. When mine were little, there wasn't all that cool stuff for boys.
I am so jealous of Clare's possible stawberry blonde locks. I have 3 redheaded sons and only one out of 10 grandkids has red hair. None of the 7 girls do. I noticed your tendancy toward orange and know Clare will look precious in them all.
Meghan is looking well. Quite an honor she was chosen for.