Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sew much looking forward to summer!!!!

I had some time to play in my sewing room....and the result was this cute bag for the beach!!!

Have you seen these in the $$$ Bins at Target????

I replaced the handles and the lining with some cute fabric from Amy Butler.

Added a ruffle and a cute flower from the to fill it with a good book, some sunscreen and I am off to live at the beach for the summer!!!

While I was in the sewing mode I made this for my cute bitty miss.

She LOVES skirts and this tutorial is a take off on the burrito pillowcase instructions.

I call it the 15 minute skirt.....and you can bet I will be making lots!!!

Sew much to look forward to this summer!!!


Patty said...

Love the bag make over. The skirt ks cute too.

Carol said...

What a cute bag! And oh I just love the skirt for your little bit of a girl. Cute as it can be!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

What a cute bag!!! Never heard of a burrito pillow case, though, but what a cute outfit!!

Meghan said...

Why couldn't I have inherited your creative gene? You are AMAZING! Let's seriously start doing the beach next week... I have to get D his little tent and then we're good to go. Time to enjoy the best part of living in so cal. XOXO

annieb said...

Such cute ideas! Love the skirt over the onesie.

Julie Isa said...

LOVE this! Not sure if I could make it though. I might give it a try...maybe you could do a tutorial ;)take care!