Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fairly Good Times....

It was Fair time in San Diego...and my BFF Judy and I got to demo QIAD projects and share lots of smiles!!!

This year the theme had to do with racing....and lots of projects were on display!!!

The quilts are always fun..... is the cross stitch. This one is for you Trish!!!!

Never to early to think Christmas (G)!!!!

The knit projects really inspired me. I love this scarf.....

....and this child's sweater was divine.

Not sure if I will EVER be clever enough to work on something like this,
but I sure would love to try.

I loved this doll house....

....and this Ghost Town was built out of 100 year old wood. Amazing detail.

When it was time to leave the fair,
I still had my Wednesday Eve Class to teach...a long day.

But no complaining from me!!!! Look at this yummy dessert that Gail brought. was a very good day.


Terra said...

That dessert looks yummy, and I admire the quilts and knitted goods, and the doll house and ghost town too.
Happy fourth of July.

sunny said...

Look at all that eye candy!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Oh, this makes me look forward to the Ventura County Fair that's coming up next month!! I have to get my funnel cake!!! And, of course, see all the talented stitchers out there!!

Beverly said...

What a fun but busy day you had. It's good that you got to see all the fun things along with representing QIAD. Have a wonderful 4th.