Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh Oh....

Watching Donovan has been so much fun.
I am paid in smiles and giggles and he is such a sweet boy.

But there is trouble brewing.
All of a sudden he is crawling faster than I can catch him!!!

He can get into all sorts of mischief!!!

Then there is this....when did he learn to pull himself up???

Can walking be that far behind?

Followed by this greeting when I got him up from his nap.

I guess there is NO stopping him now!!!!

We do have "moments" of peace and quiet....
like when Donovan is reading quietly to himself (G).

And I did manage to knit him a hat when he was napping this week.

But don't worry to much about how things are going.

Molly is LOTS of help and the truth is.....

I am having the time of my life!!!


Meghan said...

This is too sweet for words. What great pictures! We are so lucky to have you with him each week. SO lucky!

Cheryl said...

Ok, I have two adorable grand dots but could yours be any more adorable?!!!!! Love the picture of him in the hat. Can't wait till November!!!!!!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I bet you are having the time of your life!! Donovan sure is a cute monkey!!

Carol said...

OMG how has the time passed so quickly? I feel like we were just welcoming him into the world, and he's crawling and pulling himself up, not to mention reading. I'm so happy that you get to really ENJOY him!

Yvonne said...

Of course you are having the time of your life....who wouldn't with such a cute little boy! Enjoy! He will be walking and off to pre-school before you know it!