Friday, October 28, 2011

Vacation OVER.....

I was certain that I would have SOOO many posts
to share about our wonderful vacation.

It would have been about the amazing people we met,
the wonderful things we saw
and how our trip to New England far surpassed our expectations.

BUT....we came home to a very sick Donovan who has the CROUP!!!

So we have been full time "Grampie and Oma" for our little guy
.....while Mommy and Daddy go to work.
Needless to say there has been lots of worrying and concern going on.

I get home long enough to make a bit of dinner
and off to teach ( a lovely diversion).

So thanks to ALL who have left sweet notes
and fogive me for not writing you sweet notes in return.

Life should return to normal soonest.
Oh, I am even MORE grateful for that wonderful vacation
we had and the chance to relax and renew.

But I am sure you know
....nothing is more wonderful than Grandbaby hugs,
even when they are not feeling their best.


Carol said...

Oh bless his heart...that is soooooo scary...that cough from that tiny person. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Hope he's all better really soon. They are soooooooo lucky to have you all so near.

Linda in Calif. said...

Yes, they are so lucky to have you near. It's so awful for your little ones to get ill. And that croup cough is so scary. He is all better now?

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

I hope Donovan is done being sick!! So worrisome when babies are ill!!

Cheryl said...

Sending love and hugs to your sweet boy and hoping for a quick recovery. I am sure having you and grampie there to hug and cuddle is helping. Countdown to camp is on!!!! Can't wait.

Yvonne said...

So sorry to hear that little one was so sick. That must have been heartbreaking to see....
Hope he is doing okay now. He is so lucky to have an Oma and Opa to take care of him while his Mom and Dad are at work!