Sunday, November 6, 2011

Did you hear the Angel's singing????

SO much joy this week....
beginning with our sweet Donovan feeling ALL BETTER!!!!

He is back to his mischievous self
as you can tell by the grin he had as he pulled on my skein of yarn.

Of course a BIG Alleluia when Hobby Lobby opened we look a tad excited????

My friend Linda ( along with our husbands who we bribed to come along)
checked out the fabrics, the Christmas displays and all of the other goodies.

I bought a few things, but most of my $$$$
were spent at our other destination.

I LOVE the Coop!!!!

Joanne has the cutest shop...with the best samples
and collections of fabrics.

Total inspiration....

...complete eye candy.

I never know which direction to shop in next!!!!

Luckily Jim kept busy when ladies asked if he would take their pictures.
That is what he gets for looking like a professional photograher
and never leaving home without his HUGE camera!!!!

I came home with a kit to make this cute Christmas quilt...

...and some of this to make a table runner!!!

Yes...the Angels truly are singing, and the good news isn't over yet.

I am anxiously waiting for our bitty Miss to come over today.
I am sure there will be much laughter...she is such a HOOT!!!!
Mommy and Daddy have an engagement to attend,
and we are spending the afternoon together.

It has been a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!


Meghan said...

It's been a wonderful weekend for us too! Thanks for being super Moma and watching our little man for what seems like 24-7. You're the best!!!!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

So glad Donovan is all better!!!

Oh, and Jim is a good sport going to all those fabric stores!!!:)

Beverly said...

Oh yeah, I hear the angels singing. Spending time with those precious little ones, a Hobby Lobby and a quilt shop...pure heaven for sure.

Carol said...

That is the most wonderful news...I'm so happy that Donovan is well again...look at that sweet Clare with those big glasses one and that Christmas quilt kit from the Coop is out of this world. I LOVE it!

Kinz said...

So funny, Nick's mom texted me this morning that Hobby Lobby was in Temecula. We have them all over in Oklahoma so every time she comes I take her! If you go to the website each week, you can print a coupon. They are usually 40% off any item. Fun! I LOVE Hobby Lobby!

Yvonne said...

What a great post! I love the pictures of the quilt shop. You have the best in the States! But the best news is of course that little Donovan is better! I am so happy for him!

Junebug said...

What a great looking Quilt Shop! I so wished we had a Hobby Lobby in my part of the world. I get to one in Texas when I visit. My addiction - fabric stores!