Friday, April 13, 2012

We begin on the Central Coast....

Our vacation began like most of our trips
....with a visit to the Apple Farm.

It is always delightful and we feel so relaxed and spoiled.

This time we were greeted by the Easter Bunny....
how fun is that???

The Inn was decorated with the most lovely decor...and it is all for sale.

Jim told me that the sheep would not fit in the car.
I should have tried harder to convince him!!!!

Whimsical, delightful eye candy.....and always such an inspiration.

A trip to the Central Coast is not complete
without stopping at the Avilla Barn.

There are flowers to feed your soul....

....and lots of goodies to tempt your inner child!!!

Back country drives include a stop at Linn's Farm...

...where someone felt that homemade pie makes for a great lunch.

We left the Apple Farm and took the Big Sur drive.

I have never seen it
so clear, or the water so blue.

Wildflowers met the sea...

...and in Pacific Grove we found a rock in memory of John Denver,
who sadly crashed his plane in these waters.

Carmel is a magical town of fairytale cottages and shops.

This one was my favorite.
A combination of luxury bath items
and antique French Christening Gowns.


Yes....our vacation had just begun and
already we were having the time of our lives.


Yvonne said...

I love your pictures! We have been to Carmel and drove the big Sur once but when we ever go back again I am going to ask you for some travelin tips! You went to the cutest shops!

Meghan said...

That all looks dreamy!

luvtoquilt said...

We have done quite a bit of traveling, but the Central Coast is still one of our favorites! Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to take a look at the calendar -- it's been too long.

Beverly said...

Ahhh! The Apple Farm. Love it.
It was in a shop in Carmel that I got the inspiration for my now 12 yr. olds dedication dress. I was making a sketch of the most beautiful dress and got escorted out.
Another lovely trip for you and Jim.
Oh how we love the Avila Barn too.

Candace said...

I love your pictures and notes! Planning vacationing in September; Mmm...Apple Farm sounds like a relaxing trip!