Sunday, June 3, 2012

As We Dreamed It Would Be....

Two adorable bitty girls to hug
....and I couldn't be happier!!!

Grampie is very much smitten with his newest Grandbaby.

Oma Oma is always happiest when there are babies in her arms!!!!

Clare is growing so big....

It is hard to remember when she was as tiny as Laurel is today.

BTW....she is thriving and doing so well.
In fact the whole family is doing great.

And Clare is taking the role of big sister in stride!!!!!


Carol said...

That is the very BEST news! Laurel is precious and Miss Clare is growing up...and becoming such a beautiful big sister! ENJOY every minute! I love the joy in your mom's eyes.

Cheryl said...

I thought and thought about you yesterday. How special is Miss Laurel...and Clare suddenly looks so grownup. What precious girls. So wonderful spending 4 days with you. (hugs)

camp and cottage living said...

How adorable you g'daughters are!

Yvonne said...

So good to see those happy and proud faces with little Laurel in their arms. Clare looks so cute as a big sister.

Beverly said...

Your smile says it all. I know your heart is bursting right now.
You all are "sew blessed" I am so thankful that all is well with Laurel. Two beautiful little girls and one sweet little boy. Life is so good!!

SheilaC said...

Laurel is beautiful Annelies!!

Clare will be a wonderful big sister I am sure.


luvtoquilt said...

Such good news -- you truly are "sew blessed"! Your granddaughters are so adorable!