Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shop til you drop....

There are times that scream for Retail Therapy....
and I am more than willing to comply!!!

So my friend Linda and I hit a bunch of shops
..and did we ever have fun.

It is never to late to have a 'cuppa and honor the Queen!!!

The Cloche was a "steal" that I could not resist.
The other "steal" was the vintage necklace kind of shopping.

Found these goodies in a vintage shop too.
I love the enamel bowl and the crochet doily was to die for.

The birdie stand is not vintage,
but it sure is cute!!!

Now that I am learning to crochet, I treasure this doily even more.
The color is perfect for my kitchen.

I found the cute basket marked at 60% off...yes please.

I picture it full of lavender stems.
My lavender plants are overly abundant this year....a very sweet gift indeed!!!

Of course NO shopping trip is complete without yarn!!!!

Candles and lotions in "Ocean scents".

Nothing screams summer more than that!!!

...and finally some fabrics and a quilt book, of course.

I am planning some fun summer quilt projects.
How about you????


Yvonne said...

There must be some great shops in your neigbourhood! I love those vintage things! Cute fabric too, can't wait to see what you are going to make out of it.

Linda in Calif. said...

Okay, Okay - too much fun going on with you. Next time I'm coming too! (Great finds!)

luvtoquilt said...

LOVE the enamel bowl and blue doily. Heading north to Napa next week to begin our Annelies guided tour. Can't wait!

Beverly said...

Way,way too much fun. You scored some great treasures. We would have both been grabbing for the enameled bowl and doily. My colors too, ya know.
Love your cute little print fabrics. I have that quilt book on my wish list from Connecting Threads.