Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trying to keep cool.....

Ok....this weather can leave ANYTIME!!!!

Lucky for me, my sewing room is one of the nicest places to be.
No AC, but a wonderful ceiling fan that gives me lots of relief!!!!

SEW....I have been hanging out with
my two newest and bestest friends.

I already told you about my new serger.
We are getting along just fine.

I also treated myself to a ruffler for my Elna.
Who knew ( I guess lots of people)
how wonderful this would be!!!

So I ruffled and ruffled..... make this cute ruffled diaper cover for our bittiest girl.

I am pretty sure she will be rocking the cover....
the crocheted hat may have to wait til after the heat wave is over.

Now back to my sewing room!!!!


Yvonne said...

Are you having some kind of heatwave too? It is very hot here also and nobody has an AC here....pffff....
Just got back from a few days away in the province of Brabant and found the sweetest mail from your mom in my mailbox.
Love the ruffles you made!

Beverly said...

Precious little diaper cover. So glad you got a serger. It makes clothing sewing so much faster and better.