Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Perfect Day....

 When asked how I wanted to spend my 60th birthday I said QUIETLY!!!!

The day began with a lovely bagel breakfast in Mom's garden. 

 The food was delicious....I love bagel and lox!!!

We had a girls table....

....and a boys table too!!!

Donovan provided the music....

...and the entertainment. 

When we got home, I opened up a huge box of goodies that  spoiled me endlessly.

Thanks Barb and Russ !!!!

My favorite "blog designer" treated me to a new look for a new year. 

What do you think????

The day continued with surprises....

This incredibly lovely tea that Linda hostessed.  

Ahhh...the perfect day.

I felt spoiled, loved,  and very special. 

 I couldn't have enjoyed it more. 


Carol said...

Oh what a perfect day! Love your new blog look!

Yvonne said...

That looks like a great day Annelies. What more could you wish than be surrounded by those you love most and those lovely sweets. Love the Dutch tea cups!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

You did have a perfect day. =D Love the girls and boys tables. lol!!
Your new blog look is lovely. =)

Have a happy weekend!!