Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fabric Heaven....

SEW....I shared with you what a blessed birthday I had this year.
Can't thank ALL of my girls enough!!!

I picked out 15 favorites....

....and then began to cut.  Oh my!!! 

Does anyone else's heart skip a beat when you cut
 into favorite fabric????

Because in a few short weeks I am off to camp.  

I am pretty sure I packed enough to keep me busy
...and then some (G)!!!

I promised to share what I bought on our last trip.  
I visited Birch Fabrics...known online as FabricWorm.  

Cute shop and had SEW much fun.  Nicey Jane on that!!!! 

Simple Life was in the house.....these fabrics  just tug at my heart.  

So there is lots of sewing in my future, and I am SEW excited.  


Beverly said...

You sure have some pretty fabrics.
I love Simple Life too. Yes, cutting into some of those special fabrics is hard. I love seeing them folded and stacked. Time for camp again...lucky girl. Looks like you have several projects ready to go.

Yvonne said...

Cute, cuter, cutest all those fabrics Annelies! Always so exiting to start something new is't it? Enjoy sew camp!

Dorry said...

I love those Riley Blake fabrics! Oh my gosch! Miss you! I can't believe camp is right around the corner! Have fun!

Linda in Calif. said...

Yes, I have a hard time cutting my favorite fabrics - sometimes it takes me several days. I worry that I'll mess up. But once I do - I happy. Lovely fabrics - you are so brave to cut.