Friday, October 5, 2012

Ongoing Birthday Surprises....

Just when the cake is finished,  and the birthday is a lovely memory.....
you find out there is more to celebrate!!!

My Wednesday night quilt group surprised me...oh YES they did. 

I thought the lights went out due to a power failure.  It was so they could bring in the cake!!! 

Not only was the cake delicious...but equally TASTY was the GC to stay at this adorable Inn. 

 Take a peek....I can't wait!!!

My students know me toooo well. 

 I love this Figtree book....thanks SEW much Julie!!!

How about adding to my shopping spree from my Tuesday girls....Figtree of course.

And Marmalade will SOON be in the house!!!

Lisa was in the UK and missed the party...but STILL thought about me.

Be still my heart....Cath Kidston.  I am in complete disbelief!!! 

Marcelle was on a Hawaiian cruise, but thought of me too. 
I love my Island Gadget Tote. 

 Now you know why this blog is titled 
"Sew Blessed".  
I love my sweet sewing friends so much!!!! 

 So far this turning 60 thing is PRICELESS !!!  

I can't thank ALL of you enough for making me feel SEW SPECIAL.  XXX 


Debby said...

What a wonderful BD you had!!!

Yvonne said... are spoiled! Don't you love it! The fabric is so cute and I love the Inn!