Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sew long...farewell

Soooo....sadly one of my VERY FAVORITE quilt shops is closing.

It not only makes me sad to know I will lose SEW much inspiration,
but even more, I will miss the friendships that I made. 

The positive was that there was a GREAT closing sale. 
 I picked up more "Simplify" that line.

Bunches more of "Strawberry Field" to add to my stash...

...and some quirky things along with some great patterns. 

In the back of the shop they had a "Garage Sale" of things that had decorated the shop.

This bunny just spoke to me...and into my stash of goodies it went.

This spoke to me said "why do you need this".  

Well, at $5. it was to sweet to pass up. 
 I am thinking of painting it white, adding cute fabric and ......

....maybe it will be filled with some of my yarn stash!!!!

But mostly I am going to miss this....employees who gave hugs and smiles.

I am going to miss it LOTS!!!!


Meghan said...

Ah! Those felt balls!!! I would have cleaned shop on those. Love them for Christmas decorating.

Betty Lou said...

It is so sad t o see all the quilt shops closing. Being able to order on line is convenient but not a substitute for actually touching the fabric and the inspiration you get when in a shop.

Yvonne said...

That is always a sad moment. Quiltshops just can't close can they? We can't without them. I feel so sad for the employees too!