Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out With The OLD.....

This is the sewing room of my belongs to Anne Sutton of Bunnyhill.  
I am SEW inspired. 

This is MY reality....a "not that bad" cutting table.  
Do you want to see how I put it together???? 

It consists of a board that rests on an open drawer, 
and also on an OLD WALKER 
 that my Mom is not using!!!!

Functional yes...cute, well not so much. 

My goal for the year is to have this...great improvement don't you think?

This is my sewing table.  
It is an old serger table...and I am a make do kind of girl.

But...this is the table I hope to have soonest!!!  
As always, Pinterest is my inspiration.  

While my sewing room is modest....
I do get lots of cute things accomplished. 

I am thinking ahead to Valentines, so I made this over the New Years holiday. 

...and this, 

....and this too!!!! 

Just imagine ALL of the wonderful things I can do 
when my DREAM becomes my REALITY!!!!

 I am just SEW excited for the New Year. 


Yvonne said...

I hope for you all your dreams will come true this year. I love the high cutting table with all the storage space (don't we all need more of that?) and the sewing table is great too. I have to show the tutorial to Alex!

Yvonne said...

Oh, I almost forgot. You make cute quilts anyway even if you cut your fabric on a stroller!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Looks wonderful!! Something like that would be great for my needlework supplies and yarn!! Love it!

Cheryl said...

Some sweet dreams there...but I love that space you have made and the beautiful quilts you make in it!! (hugs) to you my sweet friend!!!

Meghan said...

You have always been the most practical gal on the block. You DESERVE the sewing room of your dreams. I hope you continue to be inspired and make it a reality this year. Because something tells me there are lots of little girl projects coming your way from your very "pinspired" daughter.