Thursday, March 14, 2013

Great Expectations....

  There is progress being made.....cutting table in place.  

BUT, it can't be used for awhile until the paint cures and I am able to place things on top.
The waiting is hard. 

 We are also equally excited about a baby girl who will need lots of cute things. 
 I am working on that...along with patience to wait for both events!!!!

 In the meantime I need to work on THIS!!!!
I need to clean, organize and restack my stash, so I can use it properly.

That should keep me plenty busy until my sewing room pieces are dry to use...
and a baby makes her sweet appearance. 


Yvonne said...

Your table looks great. With the light shining in from the window it will be a pleasure cutting your fabric!

Beverly said...

I can't wait for the reveal of your sewing room and all the sweet things you are making for the new little one.
Love, the white and bright of your room. Looks so fresh.