Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day....

Happy May Day....and welcome to a month of celebrations to come!!!!

This sweet rose bush is abundant with sunny goodness in the Spring.

Speaking of GOODNESS....the kids are moving into their new home this week!!!!

Clare is excited that her new room will be painted PINK....

Laurel is ALL smiles because that is the kind of sweet girl she is!!!!

 This is one excited family whose dream is coming true!!!

The other excitement....we are on baby watch countdown. 

So many blessings all at once.  We are grateful and joyous!!!!


Carol said...

Beautiful roses! Beautiful families! ENJOY the month of May!

Yvonne said...

So many blessings to count this month!What a beautiful new home!
How pretty that your roses are blooming already. Here in Holland we just got some leaves we have to wait a while for them to bloom.

Kinz said...

Oh!!! We received the sweetest gift from you guys!!!!!! Thank you SO much! We love it all!!! So special and we are feeling "sew" loved! Thank you again!