Monday, June 17, 2013

Just Because....

This photo is one of my favorites...I have shared it before.

Two sweet ladies, seperated by years. 

 One who has been knitting and crocheting for the majority of her life. 
 One who would love to learn. 

 This week when I was babysitting the girls, Clare saw me crocheting a scarf.

"Oma" she said "I want to do that". 

 So I told her that it was important to count her stitches
 and showed her how to wrap the thread over the crochet hook.

She excitedly took it from my hands, wrapped and kept wrapping the yarn, counting all the time. 
 Then she poked the hook thru the scarf and out the other end.

The smile on her face was PRICELESS!!!! 

When Mommy came home from work, Clare ran to the door to tell her "I can knit". 

 In her excitement she never took the helmet from her head ( she had been riding her bike).  

She took my scarf, wrapped the thread as she remembered what I had taught her, 
and poked the hook thru again. 

The smile says it all. 

I have a sweet memory of when  I was a child visiting my Oma in Holland.
 I remember watching her sew doll clothes,
 and I wonder if that is why I am in love with sewing today. 

We need to encourage our children and grandchildren to craft. 

 They need to know the importance of both learning the skill
and the joy of being blessed by the friendships it will bring to them.

I think I will be plenty busy in the years ahead....and I couldn't be happier!!!!


Leesie said...

You got me all choked up way too early in the day! So sweet Annelies and so wonderful for all of you. We love ALL of your "girls". xo

Linda in Calif. said...

Darling pictures. Just Darling! They really bring a smile to my face.

Yvonne said...

That picture of your mom with Clare is priceless. And so cute Thatcher she wants to learn ti knit already. My mom told me she could knit at the age of four. I am looping forward als Munch als you to teach.

Meghan said...

Clare always melts my heart. I love that she was so proud of herself for learning how to knit! If only I were that quick at learning to be as talented as you are. :)